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  1. kris050


    didn`t work , i will search for it today , thankyou by the way , if i found it i will post it here
  2. kris050


    yes i did it , and yes i have java jdk downloaded all things ,nighthawk123 , i can`t portforward now because i couldn`t find my router instruction , jdk change dunno what you mean maybe with the PATH ? and ip change??
  3. kris050


    i did it , but if i close my client i need to fill in all the stuff again .. is it normal or not?
  4. kris050


    Okay hey , so i`m starting a new server i downloaded all stuff and the runelocus starter pack. when i get to the server map and open "run" it says java is not recognized as an internal or external command operable progam or batch file, can someone help me with this part? teamviewer can be used.