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  1. hoodlink

    updating cache

    first a quick question what 666 source and client u using????
  2. [quote name='Emperor']And none of the 5 rune-server staff searched the client, they just assumed the accusations made by pulsescape and others were correct. (I'm assuming this was because pulsescape is affliate or whatever). Experienced staff? On rune-server? Don't make me laugh, they're nothing like Runelocus staff where atleast they do effort to check any reports, instead of just assuming they're correct. The version you have does indeed not have much of my code, as I joined like a day or 2 when it got leaked. [COLOR="#FF0000"]This however doesn't change the fact that you are using Matrix work, and claiming it to be your own and harded worked on source, while you aren't even able to make your own one.[/COLOR] I'm also talking for the entire development team of Matrix, not just for myself.[/QUOTE] right there in that sentence your pretty much saying that people should learn to make their own source and client instead of adding and changing things in others? on topic good work.....
  3. hoodlink


    1. What teleport? 2. What revision?
  4. [quote name='korasi pr0dx']idk maybe he is faking it or maybe he has only some stuff from 667/712 cache added. :p[/QUOTE] like what the only real updates in the cache is the shop interface and the dung place and if he hasnt got them than there is no real point of saying its 667/712 :p
  5. i belive they use a cache packer which packs certain stuff from a higher cache into the lower cache, though adding in to much or incorrect stuff could lead to the lower cache been corrupted or bugged. thats what i think i could be wrong
  6. [quote name='korasi pr0dx']no which means this is not a full 667/712 cache.[/QUOTE] then whats the point of saying its 667/712?
  7. -nvm i made my own packer after about an hour of looking through the packer that packs npcspawns :)
  8. [quote name='korasi pr0dx']correction. runescape changed the shops appearance. Take a look ---> [url]http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Update:Dungeoneering_and_Shop_Improvements[/url][/QUOTE] Ahhh but does he have the new shop interface looks?
  9. [quote name='redrain995']Updating to the 712 cache was pointless...[/QUOTE] agreed runescape really didnt change much they most likely updated to try and stop the bots that may still be working but anyway good luck with this
  10. hoodlink

    New Armour Problem

    your cache might not be a 562/711
  11. [quote name='Emperor']Yes you wrote down an advertisement and hosted it. How about atleast give credits to Matrix + a link to matrix forums, considering you're using it without permission.[/QUOTE] do you know how many people are using the matrix source? lol who cares if people use it if they use it they use it it will never be as good as the real matrix lol
  12. nice to see no one still has not got the new xp bar look ;) anyway nice :)
  13. hoodlink

    Perfect emotes

    [quote name='axter']657...[/QUOTE] 'pure 657 or 562/657?
  14. hoodlink

    Perfect emotes

    what revision are you using?
  15. [quote name='Heroeswar']a other leech of Matrix... LOOL[/QUOTE] yes its not a matrix leech i am using the matrix source lol