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  1. EDIT: OMFG! Wow, my first "hot thread" and it's also got 5 stars! Wow im real happy right now! Thanks guys!!!!! !!!!! Hello, Tlozoot here (Lootz) today I will be showing you a couple of tutorials, well here we go! 1. How to make tele commands Okay, this is how to make a command that teleports you somewhere specifically (e.g ::home) Okay, go to your source then open client.java then press CTRL+F and search for a command that teleports you somewhere like ::home Then you should find something like this: if(command.startsWith("home")){ triggerTele(2404, 3488, 0); } Now copy home code and on that bracket } go to it and then press enter on back of it and re-paste it there then simply rename the command to whatever but don't put the :: just put the command and where it says triggerTele(2404, 3488,0); the first number 2404 is the x position and the second 3488 is the y position just go to your coordlist and find some coords and paste those there or just go to the place you want the tele to take you and type ::mypos and you should get your X and Y Position There ya go! 2. How to make commands that give you stuff like ::starter! CTRL+F again and search "home" again then behind the bracket press enter again and paste this if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("COMMAND NAME NO SPACES AND NO ::")){ addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item sM("Here are your items!"); //change this to whatever else you want } Just change the "COMMAND NAME NO SPACES AND NO ::" to the commadn name without any spaces or :: on it and the ITEM ID to the Item id and the AMMOUNT to how many of these items it will spawn, if you want more items just copy the addItem(ITEMID, AMMOUNT); //adds item and repaste it on bottom with tabs or if you want to remove some just erase them! 3. How to add objects! Go to your client.java and then press CTRL+F and search makeGlobalObject( then you should find something like this that red box around those words is a bank booth at the staffzone heres how to make an object now copy that same code then press enter after the last letter then paste that again but look makeGlobalObject(1974, 5003, 11758, -2, 10);// bank booth ::staffzone the 1974 is the X position and the 5003 is the Y position and the 11758 is the object id which in this case is a bank and the -2 is that way it's facing. 0= WEST -1 = NORTH -2 = EAST -3 = SOUTH for the -2 thing. 4. How make npcs spawn in a place forever! go to your source files, then config, then open autospawn.cfg go alllllll theeeee way down then press enter on the endofautospawn then paste this spawn = NPCID xxxx yyyy 0 0 0 0 0 1 NPCID is where you place the npcs id and the xxxx is the x positon and yyyy is the y position and the 0s are the x and y positions of where the npc will walk to just leave it at 0 if you dont want him to walk. 5. How to add more items in shops! Go to source files then config then shops.cfg then find the shop name that you want to add more items in then just go all the way to the end and simply press tab then type the item id then tab again and the ammount of how many there is like this 6. How change % of drop and the drop itself! Okay, go to your source files then go to config then open npcdrops.cfg then press CTRL+F and search the NPC ID until you find it like this: //Man npcdrop = 1 526 1 100 Okay the 1 is the npc id and the //man is the npcs name and the 526 is the item ID which will be dropped which in this case is bones and the 100 is the percent (%) so here it's 100% drop. There you go just save, close, compile,restart, ENJOY! 7. How change the NPC's HP! Okay, go to your sourcefiles then config then npc.cfg then search the npc id that you want to change it's hp so say you want to change a mans hp you'd search: npc = 1 Man 2 7 the 1 is the npc id which is 1 the Man is the npc's name the 2 is it's combat which if you change it has no point because changing it's level is client-sided only and the 7 is it's HP just change the 7 to whatever you want like 565465425 so it will have that much HP! There you go just save, close, compile,restart, ENJOY! ___________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading! I will be adding more guides soon, its late and i have to get off, cya.
  2. [quote name='Trey']Yeah, I'm not sure what I was going for there, note that this was salvaged from pre-crash RL and reposted on 420 two years ago. Back when I wrote this and everything was still WL, new people to RSPS had a tendency to make everything static because they didn't understand object oriented programming. Regardless this was when I was 4 years less knowledgeable, so I don't feel very inclined to attempt to justify anything I wrote here. This needs editing, but I don't have the interest or time.[/QUOTE] So this is outdated? :l
  3. [B]*LEAKED* Black Ops 2: Zombies - Survival on Town[/B] [video=youtube;fwk2uiu23NQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwk2uiu23NQ[/video] [I][U][B]WATCH BEFORE IT GETS DELETED[/B][/U][/I]
  4. [B]*LEAKED* Black Ops 2: Zombies - RAY GUN on TRANZIT[/B] [video=youtube;MZP43JrRYvg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZP43JrRYvg[/video] [B][I][U]WATCH BEFORE IT GETS DELETED ![/U][/I][/B]
  5. Hey guys, so I have decided to start/make a server, but not like any other server. Before I continue I would like to say that anyone who wishes to join the development team must understand that you shall not be paid in any way, but you shall receive a status on our forums and in-game depending on what you do/are. [CENTER]It will be a very unique and different server from all of the others. An example would be instead of having Bronze items be the worst it would be the opposite. Possibly, you would start off with rune or some other type of armor and try to go down instead of going up, but Bronze could be the best. (NOTE:This is just an example/suggestion and may or may not be put into the actual game) Also, players shall not be allowed to donate to the server. If we are to pay for a VPS/Dedi Server it will be from our own money or one of us shall host it. Players [U][I]will[/I][/U] be able to donate and receive the Donator Status, but you will not be able to donate to the server. You will donate to a cause/foundation/non profitable organization if you would like to receive the Donator Status. (Examples: helping children, finding cures for cancer, helping animals etc.) We shall not make any profit in any way. I want everyone to just enjoy the server and have fun. When you donate you are not only getting benefits in game, you should know that you are helping someone or something out and are really making a difference. For that, you are awarded in-game and in the forums with the Donator Status and some Donator benefits. Once you have donated you must message a staff member on the forums with proof that you have actually donated such as showing an image, confirmation email, or anything else that can confirm that you truly did donate and you shall receive the Donator Status. If you are caught faking proof to confirm that you have donated you will be [B]permanently[/B] banned and will never have a chance at being unbanned/trying to appeal it.[/CENTER] Currently, there are no forums or a source to start on. We will start on a source already made, but will edit it a lot that we can claim it ours :) (Credits will be given to the owner of the original source that we continued on). I will need people who are: graphic designers, web designers, programmers, a host and pretty much everything else that is needed. We will create a name for the server and choose which source we wish to use and everything else ! We will all share ideas and suggestions and make the server better and better each day. The DEOB/Revision will be 317-474. [COLOR="#008000"]All progress of the server will be posted here for everyone to see.[/COLOR] If you would like to join the development team please apply by commenting/posting to this thread with this application: [CODE] What position would you like to have in the development team?: Why do you feel that you deserve this position?: How long have you been doing this?: Can you guarantee that you will be active helping us out?: [/CODE] Here is an example of an application if you need help: [CODE] What position would you like to have in the development team?: Programmer Why do you feel that you deserve this position?: I believe that I deserve this position because I am a great programmer and have great ideas for the server. How long have you been doing this?: I have been programming for 2,147,483,64 years. Can you guarantee that you will be active helping us out?: I will be as active as possible to help out. [/CODE] [SPOILER="Contact Information"] Skype: Lootz115 MSN/Hotmail: [email][email protected][/email] You can also PM me here! [/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Current Progress"] [COLOR="#FF0000"]lolking Server Progress lolking[/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"] [LIST] Searching for a Development Team [/LIST] [/COLOR] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Members of the Team"] Owner Lootz ([COLOR="#008000"]Programmer/Owner[/COLOR]) [/SPOILER] Thank you all for taking your time to read this thread.
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    Herp Derp ?

    So I was on youtube and one of my YT friend's sent me this vid: [video=youtube;ooNbVgSSguI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooNbVgSSguI[/video]
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    Herp Derp ?

    DURP derp herp
  8. This thread is reaaaaally old, but since it can still help others today....I shall bump it ! ;D
  9. Well can you stop ruining my thread by giving people "heads up [for scammers]"... I'm not trying to scam anyone and you've only done this on MY threads.. Wtf did I do to you man... Fucking annoying, but I'm still selling that account; I'm not going to let you ruin this just because your a sadistic bitch.

  10. [quote name='rammstien'][B]He[/B] has 3 noted....... God really? You cant see it? [B]he[/B] isnt showing you how many [B]he[/B] had noted... but its 3... as mine shows i have 1 noted like his does....[/QUOTE] why you say it like that
  11. Okay uhh I know this is gunna sound stupid, but... I have an RS Acc that has like 10M and is a range pure and I remember his most recent name which was changed and the name before which isn't original as well but the name before that one is the original which i forgot... I know the password but forgot the name... Is it possible to figure it out ? If someone can help me with this please PM me and I'll give the users and I'll pay like 5M since I'm not rich but..yeah -.-
  12. Hello everybody... This is the General Discussion so...I think this goes here ? :D Anyways, yeah. McDonald's monopoly is ending soon and I'm one off the $100,000 prize. Obviously it's the rare piece which is #336 Ventnor Ave. (COLOR YELLOW. [COLOR="#FFFF00"]LIKE THIS[/COLOR]) If you just so happen to have it please PM me and we can sort out a deal. I'm willing to pay a lot for it.. yeah mm... Bye? [COLOR="#FF0000"]:)[/COLOR] Oh & Sethy... I know you LOVE McDonald's. [quote name='Sethy']I hate McDonalds.[/QUOTE]
  13. [quote name='Cataclysm']I have it![/QUOTE] PM'd.
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    Can you run it?

    [url]www.canirunit.com[/url] is the same site as that except it's shorter :)
  15. bump... I see RSPS isn't dead, yet. So I might as well bump this so others can see it.
  16. Yeah...I want to buy a new ATI Radeon X1600 XT 256MB PCI-E Dual DVI Video Card but I need PCI-E slots so I can put it in and..stuff. So here's my pc info: [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/nejjhk.jpg[/IMG]
  17. so i just check my motherboard or whatever and look for something similar to that and if it has that then i can get that one video card and it will work ?! :D
  18. See.. i don't know much about PC's so can you explain where I can find that information ?
  19. Well I want to run WaW and I downloaded custom maps and it lags like shit.. that is because i don't meet the minimum requirements for the video card part :::: I have a GeForce 6150 LE and you need: Minimum: Shader 3.0 or better, 256MB Nvidia GeForce 6600GT/ATI Radeon 1600XT or better so what can anyone give me a link to a video card that will be good to run CoD:WaW that will fit my pc ?