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  1. [quote name='Trey']Yeah, I'm not sure what I was going for there, note that this was salvaged from pre-crash RL and reposted on 420 two years ago. Back when I wrote this and everything was still WL, new people to RSPS had a tendency to make everything static because they didn't understand object oriented programming. Regardless this was when I was 4 years less knowledgeable, so I don't feel very inclined to attempt to justify anything I wrote here. This needs editing, but I don't have the interest or time.[/QUOTE] So this is outdated? :l
  2. [B]*LEAKED* Black Ops 2: Zombies - Survival on Town[/B] [video=youtube;fwk2uiu23NQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwk2uiu23NQ[/video] [I][U][B]WATCH BEFORE IT GETS DELETED[/B][/U][/I]
  3. [B]*LEAKED* Black Ops 2: Zombies - RAY GUN on TRANZIT[/B] [video=youtube;MZP43JrRYvg]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZP43JrRYvg[/video] [B][I][U]WATCH BEFORE IT GETS DELETED ![/U][/I][/B]
  4. Hey guys, so I have decided to start/make a server, but not like any other server. Before I continue I would like to say that anyone who wishes to join the development team must understand that you shall not be paid in any way, but you shall receive a status on our forums and in-game depending on what you do/are. [CENTER]It will be a very unique and different server from all of the others. An example would be instead of having Bronze items be the worst it would be the opposite. Possibly, you would start off with rune or some other type of armor and try to go down instead of going up, but Bronze could be the best. (NOTE:This is just an example/suggestion and may or may not be put into the actual game) Also, players shall not be allowed to donate to the server. If we are to pay for a VPS/Dedi Server it will be from our own money or one of us shall host it. Players [U][I]will[/I][/U] be able to donate and receive the Donator Status, but you will not be able to donate to the server. You will donate to a cause/foundation/non profitable organization if you would like to receive the Donator Status. (Examples: helping children, finding cures for cancer, helping animals etc.) We shall not make any profit in any way. I want everyone to just enjoy the server and have fun. When you donate you are not only getting benefits in game, you should know that you are helping someone or something out and are really making a difference. For that, you are awarded in-game and in the forums with the Donator Status and some Donator benefits. Once you have donated you must message a staff member on the forums with proof that you have actually donated such as showing an image, confirmation email, or anything else that can confirm that you truly did donate and you shall receive the Donator Status. If you are caught faking proof to confirm that you have donated you will be [B]permanently[/B] banned and will never have a chance at being unbanned/trying to appeal it.[/CENTER] Currently, there are no forums or a source to start on. We will start on a source already made, but will edit it a lot that we can claim it ours :) (Credits will be given to the owner of the original source that we continued on). I will need people who are: graphic designers, web designers, programmers, a host and pretty much everything else that is needed. We will create a name for the server and choose which source we wish to use and everything else ! We will all share ideas and suggestions and make the server better and better each day. The DEOB/Revision will be 317-474. [COLOR="#008000"]All progress of the server will be posted here for everyone to see.[/COLOR] If you would like to join the development team please apply by commenting/posting to this thread with this application: [CODE] What position would you like to have in the development team?: Why do you feel that you deserve this position?: How long have you been doing this?: Can you guarantee that you will be active helping us out?: [/CODE] Here is an example of an application if you need help: [CODE] What position would you like to have in the development team?: Programmer Why do you feel that you deserve this position?: I believe that I deserve this position because I am a great programmer and have great ideas for the server. How long have you been doing this?: I have been programming for 2,147,483,64 years. Can you guarantee that you will be active helping us out?: I will be as active as possible to help out. [/CODE] [SPOILER="Contact Information"] Skype: Lootz115 MSN/Hotmail: [email][email protected][/email] You can also PM me here! [/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Current Progress"] [COLOR="#FF0000"]lolking Server Progress lolking[/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"] [LIST] Searching for a Development Team [/LIST] [/COLOR] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Members of the Team"] Owner Lootz ([COLOR="#008000"]Programmer/Owner[/COLOR]) [/SPOILER] Thank you all for taking your time to read this thread.
  5. tlozoot

    Herp Derp ?

    DURP derp herp
  6. This thread is reaaaaally old, but since it can still help others today....I shall bump it ! ;D
  7. Well can you stop ruining my thread by giving people "heads up [for scammers]"... I'm not trying to scam anyone and you've only done this on MY threads.. Wtf did I do to you man... Fucking annoying, but I'm still selling that account; I'm not going to let you ruin this just because your a sadistic bitch.

  8. Hi spastic, nice to meet you. #1: I never accused you of scamming, I was just giving a heads up to people. #2: You do know how old that thread is, right? This is a reply to your pm since you have exceeded your maximum PM limit.

  9. [quote name='rammstien'][B]He[/B] has 3 noted....... God really? You cant see it? [B]he[/B] isnt showing you how many [B]he[/B] had noted... but its 3... as mine shows i have 1 noted like his does....[/QUOTE] why you say it like that