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  1. Welcome to Today's Updates Today was spent entirely on the forums. I realized that there was a whole missing where to community should be able to communicate. To start it off, the forums have been upgraded to the newest version of IPB. This should fix the emails not being sent out to verify accounts. A shoutbox has been added to the homepage. People can now communicate even if you aren't in game. We have changed the default skin on the forum. This theme now changes depending on the time of day. It is personally my favorite skin. A player's username will now match the color of the user group they are in. For example, My name is yellow with a glow since I am an owner. If you are a donator it will be green and so on. I hope you enjoy these updates. Thank you for playing Virtus!
  2. Welcome to Today's Updates Players can now access the Kalphite Queen hive correctly. Thok has been added at home so players can access Dungeoneering Players can now trade Max for skill capes. A monk has been added at home for players to switch between prayers and magic books
  3. Home has been moved to player owned ports Loot Beams have also been added
  4. Welcome to today's updates God Wars bosses have had their drops updated with the new items. Death while fighting the Queen Black Dragon should now remove the health bar at the top of the screen. The thieving stalls have been re-added to home. Phoenix Feathers have been added to the Herblore shop. The Slayer helmet and Full Slayer helmet now give their respective boosts when fighting your assigned task.
  5. Welcome to today's updates PLEASE DELETE THE OLD CACHE AND FORCE UPDATE CLIENT Today sees the addition of a new cache. We will also have loads of bugs, if you see any, please report them. We will have multiple updates in the next few days to fix all of them. In it contains: New RS3 maps (including Prifddinas which is our new home) New items up to and including 839 revision. New bosses and NPCs including Vorago, Araxxor (Araxxi), Kalphite King Layout for Divination Things to come: Vorago Kalphite King Araxxor Divination Private God Wars Magic Notepaper Potion Decanting
  6. Today is a special day thanks to Cjay for helping me out. We will be releasing 839 items, npcs, objects, and maps.
  7. This post is going to be slightly different than my other posts on letting you know what going on. The month of January has some exciting content waiting to be released for you all. I guess I will start a list of what will be released and explain each one briefly. Coming Soon: Title System: Players will be able to unlock titles through the achievement system. Donators will be able to make their own titles. Private Bossing: Players will be able to go to any boss in the game and be able to purchase a private room. XP Rates: We realize training some skills can be slower than others. So instead of having a fixed XP rate, we will have a different XP rate for each skill. This way the XP rate will feel the same for each skill you are training. Server Announcements: We also realized that the chat box seems a little dull. We plan on adding some server announcements to bring some more color to the chatbox. Even though it isn't a very big deal, it would still be nice. One Last Thing This is going to be my favorite update we have ever released. With some outside help, we will be able to load 839 items. What I mean by 839 items is, we will have the exact models and textures that the RS3 items have. We will be able to load the NPCs also. This means Araxxor, Kalphite King, and more. We will also be able to load the Maps from RS3. This means the new elf city will be accessible, along with the max guild. This update may take a little bit of time to test and make sure it is ready to be released, but I plan to have it done in the month of January. As Always, We thank you for playing Virtus!
  8. Welcome to Today's Updates Starting off the updates will be the home. Home has been changed with efforts to combine skilling, and community. I realized we have tons of great content, but it is spread out everywhere. So I brought the content to a place where everyone goes, Home. The Fight caves have been fixed to where a player may now start them. The Fight kiln had a similar issue, and has been resolved. Boss pets have been added into the bosses npc drop. Players can now compete to get the most pets. Coming Soon: I have been working on a title system that I really think you will enjoy.
  9. Welcome to Today's Updates To start things off, Players can now get loot from completing Barrows. Extreme donators and above will have a better chance at getting loot also. The Duel Arena has been re added back into the game. After fixing some bugs, the arena works perfectly now. The XP lamps now give less XP than before. To compensate for the XP, the skilling XP rate has been increased. The crystal chest has been reworked. There are more rares in the chest. Some common items have been taken out of the chest to increase rarity. The Dwarf Cannon can now be placed in almost any multi area in the game. As always, We Thank You for Playing Virtus!
  10. Welcome to Today's Updates Today has been a day of nothing but adding in custom items and NPC's Shadow Drygore Weapons have been added into the game. Malevolent Armour has been added into the game, along with a shadow version to go with it. Sirenic Armour has been added into the game. Boss Pets have been added for players to achieve! The following Boss Pets have been added: Corporal Bast, Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Nex, Glacor, Vorago, Jadinko, and King Black Dragon <><>[YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR CACHE IN ORDER TO SEE SOME OF THESE UPDATES]<><> As always, Thank you for Playing Virtus!
  11. Welcome to Today's Updates The Dagannoth Kings teleport now takes you right outside the ladder instead of the beginning of the dungeon. The Pest Queen has been added as a high level boss. (Drops: Korasi's Sword) The Boss Raids have been move to the new home location, just outside of the main gate. Mountain Trolls now drop the Helm of Neitiznot. Feathers have been added to the IronMan shop. The Queen Black Dragon controller should now close properly upon death. We have a community music streaming channel. Click here to come listen or queue up a song. Things to come: God wars boss private rooms. God wars boss pets. XP from Dragonkin Lamps. (Effigy lamp) Loyalty system will be redone in full. XP rates will be worked on as a per-skill basis.
  12. Welcome to today's updates. Players can now create Bolas as they normally would. The altar at home now restores Hitpoints and recharges prayer points. Some tertiary Herblore items and the Ava's Alerter have been added to the Iron Man shop. PK gear no longer degrades while worn or while in combat. Jadinkos have been spawned in their cave. (Drops whip vines, large amounts of seeds and herbs, and items to fletch bolas.) The Demon Horn, Split Dragontooth and Twisted Bird Skull necklaces now restore prayer points when using a bonecrusher. Some Trivia questions have been redone and some have also been added. All monsters now drop more charms and also drop blue charms.
  13. Welcome to today's updates. There is now a new client. Be sure to use this link to automatically update it. (If this does not work, click force update) The new original RS3 120 capes have been added. Player icons have now been added to the highscores. (Moderator, Donators, Ironmen, Administrator) The Kalphite Queen entrance now correctly places you on the map. Mountain Trolls are now Passive in combat. Ecto-Tokens have been added as a drop to every monster. (Rate is random and depends on monster combat level) Recipe for Disaster minigame now sends you to the correct position when leaving. Dying in the wilderness now sends you to the correct position. The portal in the tutorial now sends you to the correct position. The drop system has been reworked. (If you notice terrible drop rates, missing drops, or drops that shouldn't be there, please let us know) Our cache has now been changed to a 728 revision. Changes include: Fully working old items looks God wars maps and npcs have also had their looks changed. Some dungeons have also had their looks changed. A few items from the previous cache may be missing. (If you see any nulls in your bank, please inform us) Things to come: God wars boss private rooms. God wars boss pets. XP from Dragonkin Lamps. (Effigy lamp) Npc Spawns in Jadinko lair. (Whip vine) Bone crusher and Demon horn necklace compatability. Ability to buy a house with money in the money pouch. Crop times will be decreased. Boss raids will be move to the new home location. Trivia questions will be redone in full. Loyalty system will be redone in full. XP rates will be worked on as a per-skill basis.
  14. Welcome to Today's Updates We have added the ability to craft the amulet of fury. Players will need a gold bar, an uncut onyx, and an amulet mold to make it. Simply use the bar on any furnace to make one. The Hunting Master has been given a dialogue to give out the hunter skillcape, or see the hunting shop Iron men will are able to access the skillcape shop. Max will sell all of the skill capes upon clicking the "Trade (currently "follow")" option with him. Added impling jars to the iron man shop at home. Added stats to skeletons in ape atoll dungeon. (::multi 1 or ::multi 2 to get there) Tuned down the rare reward rate on the squeal of fortune. Added a command to toggle combat xp gaining. (::togglecombatxp) Reworked the commands interface. (::commands) An Ecto-Token shop has been added. Players can talk to Ariana Grande and select the shops option under the Attack icon. The Trade option for Max has been fixed. COMING SOON Different rewards for trivia points due to the recent bugs with cosmetic skins. I'd Like to tell you about the updates I have been working on. I have been working on private bossing. When completed, a player will be able to purchase a private room for any boss either for a group, or just themselves. As always, We thank you for Playing Virtus!
  15. Merry Chirstmas Everyone, Here are today's updates. Players can now craft the Amulet of Fury Players can now craft bolt tips The NPCs in the Warriors guild have been given some dialogue to liven them up. Players can now purchase the ring mould from the Crafting Shop. Players will now be able to charge their Amulet of Glorys at home. As always, Thank you for Playing Virtus