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  1. nkiller56

    Need a Coder

    would anyone help with coding a rsps i have been wanting to make a rsps for a long time and i had one running in the past i would just love to make another one that is really nice
  2. would you do it for free until the server gains popularity and then we can see about paying you?
  3. nkiller56

    Coder For RSPS

    508 or really anyone that is like 2007 runescape on runescape website i have 2 508 sources that work i just need someone to code them for me and my friend i was going to do it myself but im not that smart and it would take me time to learn how to do it and i have dont much time right now. Do you have skype Chronicscape then i can talk to you privately maybe?
  4. nkiller56

    Coder For RSPS

    is there anyone who could help with coding for a server i want to make a rsps server for me and my friend in the airforce we can pay to host it and i can make the website i just need someone to code the source and client