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  1. DeeClawz

    Starter Pack

    I am beginning to think this stupid thing is broken. Javac is not recognized blah blah. No matter how many times I reboot and reinstall JDK and Java the same stupid thing shows up. Fix this stupid thing.
  2. Bumpppppppppppppppppppp
  3. All of them have too much content. All I want is all skills working, and all quests removed. I found one just like that once, but I couldn't add godsword stances or anything. Also, can you help me and tell me how to change the player model? :confused:
  4. DeeClawz

    Solitude RSPS Help

    I Downloaded SOLITUDE RSPS source and client and need help with the following things. 1. Removing THIS ANNOYING SHIT: [ATTACH=CONFIG]6015[/ATTACH] I press yes over and over again, but it doesn't work. I tried it on a normal player also. It happens on Torva and other "valuables" 2. I would like people to download MY CUSTOM CACHE automatically on startup if they don't have it. 3. I am owner and dont have donator rights, wtf is that? I have teamviewer, and need help.
  5. Come on guys plz i am trying to make a pk server!
  6. I downloaded God armor and Godsword models. LINK: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?youxw2myye2[/url] I placed the GZIPS in my models folder and only 1 of the models loads. Is it my clients fault, something wrong with the models, or something I did wrong? I looked inside, and they were just files. No file type, just files. I changed the extension from nothing to .DAT and re-gzipped them. STILL NOT WORKING! Please, I am trying to get a good server online so others can enjoy a creation by me. If you want my client and source, here : [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?uqtjxdai1ozsjwg[/url] Its 42mb, its a pretty big file. Please help me.
  7. Thanks delta coder, got the bank part, but can't find the log out message.
  8. The bank text says "Bank of DDSSpeced" and the logout says "When you have finished playing foxscape please use this button to log out safely." How do I change these? My source and client are delta. Been trying forever, can't find out how to change it.
  9. The log out says when you have finished playing foxscape... and the bank says THE BANK OF DDSSPECED How do I change that? IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA! Also, If you could teach me how to add god sword stances on Delta 317, that would be nice too.
  10. Is Delta different from the normal Java newBlank.rar download?