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  1. Hello, i have a server that i would like to put back up that all my old friends loved but i can't code all that well. I had about 10-15 players on the first week but people were getting tired of the bugs and i couldn't fix it myself. If your interested in coding for me, i will split all the profits with you 50-50. If your interested in my offer, you can contact me on skype at: inward.scooters97 Thanks for checking this offer out and i hope you'll be glad to help me. Thanks! Sincerely, Nathan Hagblom
  2. Hi, im looking for someone who wants to work on a 317 project with me. I might not be the most experienced coder in the world but i can still help out and if there is a problem i'll fix it. Contact me if your interested in this. Skype: inward.scooters97
  3. It loads the cache to 100% then it says decompresing library or whatever then i get the "unable to load cache" error. If anyone would have any ideas i'd be willing to pay or if you don't want money maybe there's something else i could give you? thanks and heres my skype name: inward.scooters97 Sincerely, Tamethefame :D
  4. please. still need help.
  5. Hi, i jarred the client and put it on media fire but when people try to download it still says unable to load/download cache. im pretty sure i did it right but can someone check it out and tell me what i did wrong? skype: inward.scooters97 sincerely, Tamethefame.
  6. Still up for grabs. I have my forums and everything set-up i just need a little help. Anyone interested?
  7. What do you want to see... just add me on skype and ill tell you whatever you want haha.
  8. Well come look at my server files then and you can see what i have done to it :p
  9. Hi, ive done some work on my server but i just hate having all the work put onto me. I might not be the best at coding and im still learning and having issues but i think a partner in this would make it a lot easier. I've been working with private servers for about 2 years now and have good experience with them. If your interested in coding or helping doing forum development you can add me on skype: inward.scooters97 Thank you, Tamethefame.
  10. Here is just a server ive been working on. There's still a lot to come but just check it out and if you have any suggestions just put that in the forum. Click <<<[URL="http://celticpk.freeforums.org/"]HERE[/URL]>>> for the link to the forum. Please check it out! Sincerely, Tamethefame.
  11. when i update the background for the rsps, do i have to upload thecache to my dropbox and get a new link because when i send it to people, its still the old background.
  12. Ok, i made a little mistake in my files and idk where it's. Im 100% sure its an easy fix. I searched and tried to fix it but idk what to do. Can someone add me on skype: inward.scooters97 and come fix this real quick please. This was supposed to be released tonight but idk if anyone can fix it. Sincerely, Tamethefame.
  13. BUMP Help please, i need someone to help me.