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  1. Just checking in again, am i moderator yet
  2. Hi, I was told I was going to be mod?
  3. Haha, you fucker. PM me some contacts bro, I come on here to see if you're active and you never are
  4. https://i.imgur.com/T7hCWqa.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BRipCbj.jpg Just no no one thinks I gave up
  5. reporting u to FBI for having unlicensed windows. gg
  6. http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5599f0bc38ea0
  7. There's no point in me trying to help. You won't give me permission to add anything to spawn, as if I've done something bad already on the server. No point wasting my time when I was probably the only person getting on the server daily.
  8. I don't even play RSPS but I agree with this solely based on this con.
  9. describe social engineering and how you didn't pay for those books. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but I don't think we are talking about the same thing.
  10. do i have to install anything new or is this all built into the server?
  11. when you touch yourself, does god scold you?