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  1. My goal is to make your playing experience the best it can be. I guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with many journeys along the way. Whether you destroy gigantic bosses, drop your opponents in wilderness, establish wealth like never seen before, or skill harder than none other, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home. Have fun playing Gilded Scape ! Homepage- https://discord.gg/pFQwc2qZFA Discord- https://discord.gg/pFQwc2qZFA - Receive a Leather Whip, and Basic Slayer helmet on start! (Requires Slayer Kills, and Total Level to Upgrade) - Choose to play as a Elite Mode with lots of benefits! - Skilling raw items are all stackable! No time waste banking! - Global Bosses that drop loot for whole team! - Click any Skill to teleport to its training spot! - Item and Objects Custom Hover tips! - Magic Bonfire event that replicates Wintertodt Rewards! - New Wilderness Skilling area for increased profits and XP - AFK for Rares event where you can get P-Hats, H'weens - Built-in Knowledge Base for FAQ's - Lots of redone interfaces - Support to show multiple ranks! - Larrans Chest Mini event! - Chance to get FashionScape Box when gaining XP! - Daily Tasks to keep you grinding! - Lots of AFK NON-OP activities! - Way to much to list! Check it out yourself! [video=youtube;g5ua0nSnmsw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ua0nSnmsw&ab_channel=SavageRSPS[/video] turn picture into url code Homepage- https://discord.gg/pFQwc2qZFA Discord- https://discord.gg/pFQwc2qZFA
  2. Landing Page: Mythic Dream Forums: Mythic Dream Vote for Us: http://mythic-dream.com/vote.html Discord: https://discord.gg/cMUQARVMPu Mythic Dream Log in and start playing for free! Play Now Forums Features What can you expect on Mythic Dream? Well, what can you not expect is the real question! We have so much content added such as Slayer masters, multi cannon, Zulrah, monster drop tables, a lot of bosses such as wilderness bosses/dungeon bosses, there are more than 5 mini-games that you can check out, fully added Kourend, demonic gorrillas, there are different game modes such as ironman and hardcore ironman, we have slayer rewards, voting rewards, almost all skills are fully working (construction is the only skill that needs some more development until its 100%), full screen and resizable mode is available, client auto saver and so much more! Hop online and play the game! List of bosses Kraken Godwars Giant Mole Kalphite Barrelchest Corporeal Beast Abyssal Sire Lizards Zulrah Presets | Perfected Switches | Wilderness Keys | World Bosses https://youtu.be/u5u1gpRpMP8 Landing Page: Mythic Dream Forums: Mythic Dream Vote for Us: http://mythic-dream.com/vote.html Discord: https://discord.gg/cMUQARVMPu
  3. https://discord.gg/ccKbBBGZ Project thread still in progress, nothing is final Hey all my name is Shadows, I have been working on a project of mine for the last few months called Mythic Dream. This project is very close to my heart, and i have come to the point where its getting closer to the release! I would like to show off my progress that i have made, Im curious to hear your opinions about this. I still have so much things i would Like to add but then it would never get released! Thanks to Titanium for helping me out with a few tasks! Some of the things that i have been working on is - Runelite Intergration (currently support 5 plugins) - 718+ Model Header (ability to load pretty much any model as long as RS2 Format) - Summer Beach party (AFK Content) - Loyalty system with all Auras (currently have all the wings) - Squeel of Fortune fully working (no interface yet) - 6 Different Game modes with benefits (Normal,Lord,Baron,King,Ironman,Hardcore Ironman) - Server wide statistics (compiles statistics between all registered players) - Hati Wolf World Event - Drop Collection - Drop Simulation - Different Font System from the more modern Runescape Era - Skilling equipment (Artisian, Blacksmith, Botanist, etc...) - Guthix Butterfly Minigame event - Task Board - All capes of accomplishment (120, Max, Comp, Trimmed Comp, Master Quest) - New Drop system that hasnt been seen before (keeping it a suprise for now) - - - - So many more things but hard to think of it on the spot, Will add more info later https://discord.gg/ccKbBBGZ
  4. https://discord.gg/VJedfXC9Mu https://discord.gg/VJedfXC9Mu https://discord.gg/VJedfXC9Mu - 30+ Fully Working Bosses (OSRS + PRE-EOC Bosses) - All 25 trainable skills, including Dungeoneering! with a twist - FULL Raids, OSRS Revs and OSRS Slayer - Safe Gambling with no risk to get scammed - Multiple Game modes to play - A fully re-done auction system unique to Ashdale - Dscord Rich presence! - Unique home map designed for community interaction! Group Content - Daily Events & Clan Pking - Active Community Come join our discord! https://discord.gg/VJedfXC9Mu