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  1. just another sig rate if you want :p [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SdvoIRJ.png[/IMG] Thank you
  2. hey guys i made a signature that i feel is my best ever and here it is. please rate [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/idMTAFg.png[/IMG] Thank you
  3. If you're still looking to buy rsgp I am looking to sell.

  4. [quote name='Smudge']There's not really much to rate, it's just .. eh. Show us a screenshot of the layers so I can see exactly what you made. If I'm right in assuming here, you grabbed a texture, threw some contrast and some color with a brush set to color / hue, added bevel and emboss (please don't do this, it's no longer the 1990's and it totally ruins anything if not used correctly) and then threw some text on and then lowered the opacity / set to overlay. Which to be honest, is nothing special, but I'm guessing you're new to photoshop. My honest opinion is to look up some tutorials and look at how they use the tools. Also stay away from bevel and emboss, it really doesn't work unless you know what you want to achieve with it.[/QUOTE] I'm not new been on it for 2 years now this piece was whipped togeather and posted just out of curiosity I have much better work pm if you want to see it
  5. this was not made for this forums but is still a nice one i made im aware of a bevel that was put on after the fact... rate it any way. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/06vVHET.png[/IMG] Thanks
  6. [quote name='Sethy']Not necessarily. Text is very hard to properly apply. It almost always throws off any piece, particularly sigs, unless you can master it, and it's [I]very[/I] hard to master. The text has to match the flow, the atmosphere, and the theme of the entire tag, which requires a lot of patience and practice. You can watermark your tag to claim it as your own, but don't make the text part of the composition until you know how. It ruins it.[/QUOTE] true true well thanks for all your help :D
  7. your your saying make a no text signature >.> wheres the fun in that
  8. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/N8Ti1FZ.png[/IMG] not very good but there it is thank you
  9. [quote name='Sethy']It needs a lot of work. Everything is just... random. You don't want me to rank it, but keep working and you'll get better. I recommend staying away from the blending options tool, and text, until you improve. Focus and learning and applying the essentials: lighting, depth, and overall composition.[/QUOTE] what do you mean by stay away from blending options ? i only use overlay / screen.. my program is pse11 cus i dont have $2,000 for CS6 therefor i dont have apply image :/ but please explain more about blending options and i do use lighting typically just not on this one couldn't get a good angle ps why is your butt your signature lets see some of your art :D i bet its good ( no sarcasm intended)
  10. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/swXchql.png[/IMG] rate it 1 / 10 thanks so much
  11. [quote name='Dahlia']Can you make me a sig?[/QUOTE] sure i can! :) want it text only or background and give me colors and text you want in it. thanks for asking its a pleasure for me to make signatures
  12. bump^ read above
  13. what do you guys bean blending options.... you look at any tutorial and they all us blending options.......