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  1. Alright, so I'm making my own, "quest", in my server, and whenever I have put my NPC and put it so it deletes 10 bones from your inventory, it doesn't. Anyways, I would like some help on what the correct code is? EDIT: Also, whenever I add my shops, I click Close Window, and it keeps opening up?
  2. Interesting thread, but to be honest, I agree with Rog3r, the only thing man-made about time is how we communicate it/express it to others, time originally was a property of the universe. Before, humans or any other intelligent organism [B]PROBABLY[/B] couldn't tell time, so their way of expressing time was, indeed, the sun dial. Now, the real question for this topic (or, really, my question) would be: [b]How did they know how to express it? In simpler terms, how did they know how to tell hours, minutes, seconds, etc, etc. How could they have possibly knew there were 24 hours in a day?[/b]
  3. [quote name='Cart']did I mention you need to make a .zip or a .rar? [url]http://www.win-rar.com/download.html[/url][/QUOTE] This, and you also uploaded your shortcut, not your client files, dumbass.
  4. [quote name='bigcasey123']i want to make a base, How do i do it? Any tutorials?[/QUOTE] I lol'd at your misspelling of "write" in your topic. No, you cannot make a base, I believe it is a direct rip from the runescape source itself, take it from an example like WinterLove.
  5. [quote name='Caelum'][code]<p>        Xenon is a Runescape Private Server (RSPS), created and programmed by Kindjal, and         Wraith. More information about this can be found on the About Us page, in the Menu. If         you are a parent signing their child up for Xenon, please look at our For Parents page,         which can also be found in the Menu (Aren't these things great?).</p> <p>         _____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>        <img src="images/kindjal.png" alt="" /></p> <p>        Design Notes Update - June 22, 2011 - 23:53:11 PM</p> <p>        This is probably one of those out-of-the ordinary updates, since it hasn't been a week         after last update, but we may have something going on right now with our Upgrade         system... We will be releasing it early! YAY! We'll release a sign-up page and our upgrade         page, so we can keep up with all who will upgrade. Upgrading now is only $3.00 and once         you upgrade, you NEVER have to buy membership AGAIN! That's right, this is life-time         membership..er...membership-ness? Here's a picture of how we're doing with the member         system in-game:</p> <p>       <img src="images/upgrade.png" width="567" height="373" /></p> <p>       NOTE: Right-click the image, and click "View Image", and you'll see a clearer image. Also, I       guess this can be a sneak preview of the client, and our Beta, and one of our rares, the       Santa hat! Oh, and we can't forget Hans!</p> <p>      That's all for now guys, have a great week!</p> <p>        _____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>        <img src="images/kindjal.png" /></p> <p>        Design Notes Update - June 21, 2011 - 24:33:30 AM</p> <p>        Today, we worked on NPC dialogue some more, so we finished Dialogue for Hans, a NPC         character that will help guide you with the basics of Xenon. We also updated the site         some more, and we're almost done with it! Hopefully, we'll be done by next week.. We         planned on some things in-game too, such as rares, and events! That's right people,         events! Such rares and events will be released the day during the Beta, so this may be         your only chance to get them! That's it for now. Everyone have a great week!</p> <p>        TAGS: kindjal npc dialogue hans xenon beta rares events</p> <p>         _____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>        <img src="images/wraith.png" /></p> <p>       <b>  </b>Design Notes Update - June 12, 2011 - 20:34:19 PM</p> <p>        So Kindjal and I stayed behind (he says hello, by the way) in the lab, and everyone else         went home (apparently, they have a bed time...why does everyone have a bedtime?).         We started planning out designs for NPCs in the game. We also started planning dialogue         for Hans, a NPC ingame that will help you and explain the basics for Xenon. This WILL be         updated when more things are added into the server, as of right now, he only has a few         lines explaining how to obtain gold, training skills, events, and that's pretty much it. More         detail will be added into the dialogue, but for now, it's simplistic. Well, that's all for now.         Also know that the Development Team will only be updating every few weeks or so, so if         you don't know what's going on, no one else knows what's going on, so you're         okay. Besides that, have a great week everyone!</p> <p>        TAGS: wraith gold skills events rares xenon hans</p> <p>        _____________________________________________________________________</p> <p>        <img src ="images/Gryff.png" /></p> <p>        Design Notes Update - June 04, 2011 - 06:43:12 PM</p> <p>        OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! Kindjal actually let me do the first Design Notes update...EVER! I         feel so privileged (YAY). Anyways, Kindjal, Wraith, Ragnar, Rayman, and Jynx (and me)         are working on Base Development and Character Saving & Rendering. Kindjal also actually         asked (3 words starting with the letter "A" in a row?!!) me personally to start working on         the website (which technically means, I would be Lead Web Designer for other Web         Designers, excluding Kindjal, of course), so I started working on it right away! We're         trying to get the word out of our server, and we actually got over 100 people supporting         us! Thank you so much everyone! Also, since our website is our only way to remain in         contact with everyone, we decided to work on forums as soon as we finished the         homepage and the about us (which we did) pages. Anyways, that's all for now everyone,         keep in touch!</p>[/code] Ummm... Arrrh... ?[/QUOTE] I couldn't center it, so I had to use Non breaking space.
  6. [quote name='Nouish']public boolean isMember;[/QUOTE] More specific? E.g. Where do I put it, and what to put? EDIT: NVM, I got it, I just remembered xD
  7. BUMP Really need some advice and ideas :(
  8. [quote name='Caelum']Re-Name xenon.html to index.html.[/QUOTE] Off-topic, but okay..
  9. Well, I already am developing my website with my web developers, and I need help with a forum layout. All help, ideas, and advice appreciated. If you need to look at my website, click [url=http://www.xenonrsps.tk/index.html]here[/url]. Also, advice for the pages I have right now is appreciated too :) EDIT: Also, I need to make a register page, where people can register on to the site already, so I can keep track of our members, and I need it so that when they register, it records it on to my DB.
  10. This is probably my second or third thread in the help section ever, but here it is: I'm making an upgrade system for my server, where if they pay a fee of $3.00, they become a member, and this is a lifetime upgrade, so you NEVER have to keep paying $3.00 every month, or whatever, you stay a member. Problem is, I forgot how to add a Member rank. If you can help me/point me in the right direction, please do. NOTE: I'm using a Blank Delta and Client, so If I need to add sprites to the cache, I will.
  11. [QUOTE=Andy';365808]Mine's in my JFrame.java[/QUOTE] That, is no help at all. You're probably just being a post whore, and trying to get higher posts. @Toobad, If you have a GUI.java, open it, and press CTRL + F, and type in the name of the client as it shows at the top of your client. If it comes up, change it. If it doesn't, open up Frame_Sub1.java, and do the same. When you're done, save, compile, and restart.
  12. [quote name='Kill Joy']Wow looks awesome. If you made a forum with it, it would be hot and would love to use.[/QUOTE] Thanks! Yeah, I'm starting to work on the forums, and I could really use advice on how the layout will be. Like how the background would look, where things are located, etc, etc. Until then, I'm working on simple pages, which are Home, About Us, and Design Notes. Then when I'm done with the website with my Web Developers (which consists of about 4 people, including me, which is 5), I can start working on our server with my Developers (about 5 people, including me so that's 6).
  13. [quote name='Nouish']The banner doesn't fetch with the black background - you should fade it somehow.[/QUOTE] Okay! Thanks for the advice :)
  14. I need someone's opinion of my new website, coded from scratch. Click [url=http://www.xenonrsps.tk/xenon.html]HERE[/url], to view my site. If you can give me thoughts, and what I can do to improve on it, please express them! EDIT: I'll try to put updates on this every once in a while, so check the first post in case! UPDATE 1: Followed Nouish's advice, and faded the Logo more. UPDATE 2: Started working on the About Us page with the web developers.
  15. So I got bored of Java and C++ developing (I still do it though), but I needed a basic website for my upcoming server in development, and I'm using Dreamweaver CS4. I want to know how to put an image ON an image... I already tried opening the CSS manually, and placing the code in there, but apparently it won't work. I use a table on an image to type text into it, but I want to put an image in the table. If you could explain, please do. I'm not expecting spoonfeeds, I know how to program, I just can't insert an image into a table. [B]EDIT:[/B] If you need my website name, just click the link in my signature. [B]EDIT 2:[/B] Nvm, I got it, I forgot to insert it into the table xD I was inserting it onto the image