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  1. its sasori thats the client

  2. Pr0dscape is now in beta testing mode all players welcome here is the client link! [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?nreca0fr98779kq"]http://www.mediafire.com/?nreca0fr98779kq[/URL]
  3. hey im looking for someone who wants to b apart of a server and be apart of the family. but we have a problem we need a host or a vps. if someone is willing to hsot 24/7 or buy us a vps you will receive admin rank in the server and 35% of all donations. contact me on skype "chris.machale" if you would like to see the server for yourself i will let you see it over skype screen share
  4. blik


    ok i know botting is back up and running but i cant find any good sites. ik about epic bot but ther bots r slow and buggy does anyone know about any others? and please dont say powerbot cuz it doesnt work
  5. if anyone can help pm me or add me on msn [email][email protected][/email]
  6. ok first off no trolls saying to not use this source or that im leeching cuz frankly idgaf. so i need help with packeddrops.d, does anyone know how to unpack these files so that i may code them?
  7. lol man yur an ass. but watever im trying to learn how to code a 667 and have fun with matrix not looking to become a big ass server so stop being a trolling douche
  8. no one can help?
  9. i went into the char files and looked up rights and it came up but it was jsut rightsb{null} anyone know how to make me an owner?