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  1. Arix

    Runelocus Toplist

    I know they have A LOT of players and last time it was discussed the votes were appropriate for the player count. When the hype for Ikov dies out, it'll return back to normal. Due to our latest improvements to the anti-cheating systems, it's much harder to gain an effective amount of cheated votes. It's still technically possible, but it's made ineffective unless really done at MASSIVE scale. Which in turn would be noticed by our random sweeps and mitigated. I think it's fair to say that the numbers currently on our toplist are representative. I'm unaware of anyone currently being able to effectively bypass our anti-cheating. When @Ikiliki returns from vacation, perhaps he can give more insights.
  2. Arix

    help with client.

    Please fully recompile your source. I recommend you use an IDE in case you are not.
  3. I've dreamt of one day hosting my own self-made RSPS but I would be sure that it wouldn't get any traction due to what I want to make not being aligned with other people's interests. Now I don't really plan on doing that anymore. Maybe release one instead. Who knows.
  4. What kind of developers are you seeking? Skills, availability, ...
  5. Hello, Which revision are you looking for? RS3 (900+)? Or OSRS (100+)? Or something like RS in 2011 (700+) or maybe something like RS in 2006 (317+)? The revisions are also split up into HD and non-HD. HD started at around 562 I believe. I suggest you go with a popular revision so that there is a lot of information available to get you on your way.
  6. Arix


    We actively remove votes that we know for sure are cheated. Unfortunately, we cannot simply remove votes that we aren't sure are cheated. We use various techniques to determine cheated votes and really it's a cat and mouse game. We can definitely say we have one of the least cheated toplists out there, but that doesn't mean there is no cheating. Feel free to come up with a viable way to prove these votes are cheated and do let us know. P.S.: Why the pessimistic attitude?
  7. Nice Good luck with your project! Are you also properly porting new interfaces etc?
  8. Arix

    Cant open any RSPS??

    Okay the errors are coming from JNLP. But JNLP shouldn't be used to run these jars, only for JNLP files. I don't know why it's trying this, but JNLP has a restriction on file size. It's the "next version" of web apps in Java. Run this: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html It may help.
  9. Blake

    If you downvote my post then my first act as mod will be banning you.

    1. Arix


      If I feel like it my act of today will be banning you.

    2. Blake
  10. I recommend using Git and regularly committing changes so you can revert if it becomes unrepairable.
  11. It's a game of determination. Trace everything back to things you DO know the name of. Figure out what things do by playing with them. For example, change values, see what happens. It requires A LOT of patience and quite a bit of skill. But this is how I found And as you can see, this is just a small thing and I never even finished doing it. At one point however, you've renamed so many variables that everything starts to make sense :). Also, if you can find a runetek source leak (they are out there), you can search for code fragments that are structurally the same, and learn a lot that way.
  12. We cannot help you. The server you are having problems with is independent from us and you should get help there.