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  1. Hello, thank you for your report! Having checked the toplist entry they have at the time of writing 7490 votes. This is in line with the player count you mentioned and the days passed since last reset: 2 votes per day * 17 days = 34 possible votes a player could have done 7490 / 34 possible votes = 220 players required to achieve Give or take some margin of error, and that some people are undoubtedly trying to vote more than twice per day it does seem in line with the "150-230" players daily online, so I suppose there is no obvious shady stuff going on. I don't know where you got those numbers but they probably don't come from the RL toplist.
  2. This is definitely an interesting issue... have you tried messing with power settings of your GPU and Windows? Are you using 32 or 64 bit JRE?
  3. Not to mention that, not just RuneLocus will be a problem for you, but every website where you log in, will require you to log in every time. All recaptchas will ask you for picture verification, because they don't remember seeing you, ...
  4. Hi, thanks for the report. Please consider that this is exactly what cookies are for. Next to being impossible to fetch lower level information like a MAC address through a web browser there are also legal implications if it were possible. You should really only clear your browser cache for technical reasons. I assume that you keep getting the email verification because you keep clearing your browser cache? If not, we will investigate your issue further.
  5. Seems like your cow drops an item that is not correct (missing something). Use a debugger to find out which item, then find out what exactly is broken in the item (a texture, a model ID, ...)
  6. Your best bet is to get a recent OSRS released server and modify it to include the content you want. This is not something simply done, it'll require programming and porting over data from newer releases. You won't get a hold of real OSRS source code, it must be made by you or the community.
  7. Hi there, What kind of information are you looking for?
  8. Here you can find many revisions with client and cache: https://displee.com/archive/rs2/
  9. Arix

    New To Discord

    RuneLocus is also mostly active on Discord, we all enjoy it!
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    Valos - Recruitment

    Good luck. It's nice to see a project with a higher revision. It's all OSRS nowadays 😒
  11. Are you in the Discord? If so, DM me and I'll get you set up.
  12. Wow, a RSC server... good to see those still exist!
  13. Arix


    Yes I want it.
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    XenForo License

    Nice incentive!
  15. The starter pack was discontinued years ago! Sorry guys!