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  1. Hi there, What kind of information are you looking for?
  2. Here you can find many revisions with client and cache: https://displee.com/archive/rs2/
  3. Arix

    New To Discord

    RuneLocus is also mostly active on Discord, we all enjoy it!
  4. Arix

    Valos - Recruitment

    Good luck. It's nice to see a project with a higher revision. It's all OSRS nowadays 😒
  5. Are you in the Discord? If so, DM me and I'll get you set up.
  6. Wow, a RSC server... good to see those still exist!
  7. Arix


    Yes I want it.
  8. Arix

    XenForo License

    Nice incentive!
  9. The starter pack was discontinued years ago! Sorry guys!
  10. Arix

    Caught Ya, Arix

    Sorry, that's not me!
  11. This is actually how it's usually done. It's not shady at all and posting new content to an existing thread SHOULD bump it. It definitely beats posts that say "bump" to bump the thread up.
  12. Welcome! I'm from Belgium too!
  13. Arix


    Hello, staff members come and go. This website is still active, however the forum does not draw many users anymore.
  14. The starter pack is no longer available. Alternatives can be downloaded from the download sections under this category.