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  1. Arix


    Welcome, first user of 2019!
  2. It's the search text field taking focus through the popup. Going a little bit to the right of the entry allows you to click on it. Thanks for letting us know! @Ikiliki
  3. Looks good, besides being totally dark!
  4. I think this is totally stupid, but I'm against gambling. HOWEVER I can see this getting traction because most rsps kids love gambling.
  5. The entire feature set of Java (not all the standard API features) is used during RSPS development. Of course that depends on the goal and the thoroughness. But, besides having a vast API, you rather quickly use all of Java's language capabilities, and the most important parts of the API (things that are commonly used, that they teach partially in courses). That being said, as per your words, you can get started with less and figure things out on the way.
  6. Quite complete understanding is required. You will need to go through the entire course, and more. Most importantly, you will have to teach yourself by playing around with stuff. Preferrably nothing RSPS related.
  7. You should, first and foremost, learn Java: http://tutorials.jenkov.com/java/index.html Don't expect to be proficient at it after reading "some stuff". This requires A LOT of playing with, fiddling, and knowledge comes with experience. Once you know Java enough that you feel confident you can interpret and read said code, start playing around with reverse engineering a runescape client, figuring out its ways. At this point, you may need help from other people. You will run into many obstacles, but none are impossible to overcome, especially not with the help of others. Once you got a summarized overview of how things work, you may either make your own server from scratch, or use an existing one and mess around with it. Once you are comfortable enough, you can begin crafting your custom content. You will find that some things in RSPS are particularly hard and nobody really has a way of doing it. Those who might, probably will not want to share it. Furthermore, it doesn't hurt to accumulate any information you can find about RSPS and RS in general, related to technology: http://rsps.wikia.com/wiki/Runescape_Private_Server
  8. Impressive that you're still going! Arix is pleased.
  9. Arix

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome! There are plenty of downloads in the downloads section of the appropriate revisions. The revisions are divided into RS2 (up to around 508), RS2HD (from around 508 to around 742), RS3 (everything above) and OSRS (100+). Furthermore, tutorials can be found on how to get started.
  10. While I agree with the crappy code part, attempting to develop a server (preferrably from scratch, even if it gets nowhere) is a great exercise. It trains your insight, your skills in searching for information, it trains design principles if you try to make it as best as you can, and while RSPS in itself might not be directly usable in a normal software development environment, there are many aspects that you can learn that you CAN use. For example, networking code. Motives for the way they did it, how networking code works, data management, and more game industry specific, game engine mechanics, ... While existing RSPS resources are not a prime example of how to program, they sure contain a lot of stuff you can use for yourself to do it right. In addition to @StevenAbraham's suggestions, reading the code and documentation of clients like RuneLite can be an enormous help to understand RS technicalities.
  11. Arix

    Secure HTTP

    Yes I'm sure it does. However, telling me to serve my images over HTTPS is not a solid way to make sure everyone else does to get rid of the warning that not all content on the website is served over HTTPS, which is an empty warning in itself. Even after changing my signature, this is still mixed content. Also, the security is using a deprecated SSL version.
  12. Arix

    Secure HTTP

    Image content is usually not served over HTTPS anyway. If you want to fix this, you should proxy images through your own HTTPS endpoint. There are plugins for this that rewrite urls.
  13. Arix

    24hr command?

    It depends on what you want. If you settle for remembering who did the command while the server is on, and don't care that it's reset when the server restarts, a simple hash map with the key being an ID of the player, be it a username or an actual ID, just something that is unique for each player and does not change, and the value being the time when they last executed the command (successfully). Once you have that, in your command, you do something like this (pseudo code): long lastMs = hashmap.getOrDefault(playerId, 0L); if(lastMs + TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(1) >= System.currentTimeMillis()) { player.sendMessage("Sorry, you can't do that yet."); return; } hashmap.put(playerId, System.currentTimeMillis()); Note that, technically, this is a memory leak, if you were to have hundreds of thousands of players, that did this command you would have a problem. However, due to the assumed limited use, it's not a big deal if the map never gets cleared. On the other hand, if you want to remember this even when the server restarts, you will need persistence, which is a little more complicated. You can use a database, or a file on your filesystem. I'm not going to bother explaining it if you don't need it, but let me know if you do.