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  1. Rofl adding dungeoneering and adding new models isn't anything? Thanks. Plus I don't have to do anything with my poll of post.
  2. Hello everyone I don't really have pictures since my other computer is down but something you must know about me, I was owner of Aznsscape, I am not sure if my server is on google but whatever. I gave up on hosting my server, it was 24/7 so now YOU can have it! This source is leech-able too. I can't get pictures but there is a channel a play made, so if you wanna know what it looks like, look at this http://www.youtube.com/user/Aznsscape508 Features: ~~~~~~ *Fully Working Melee Combat Skills *Working Range 95% *Magic (works but needs autocast added) *Dungeoneering 80% (Needs a shop!) *3 Donar Zones (Command ::dz ::dz2 ::dz3) *All bosses drop *Zaros GodSword *Dragon GodSword *Fully working Specials *Dungeoneering Cape(T) *Shops (needs working adding x, sell, ect) *Power Ring (easter ring, which makes you invincible) *::xrichies(max Cash, admin+) *Vesta Longsword special works *Fully Working Skills ( Cooking, FM, craft, mining, smithing,summoning,ect) * Fully Working Cape emotes *Anti-Null (99% Won't CRASH when someone tries to flood, 1% a little lagg) *You lose items only on death in the wilderness * Haircut works (::hair) *Dragon Claw gfx and special 100% *Spirit Shields * New Dragon and Rune Scimitar models Pictures: Download Link includes client and source: http://www.mediafire.com/?y5owcmz8vo5byil CREDITS ~~~~~ Bulby - 5% (base) DavidScape - 15%(helped TokkulScape) TokkulScape - 50%(Started off this) My coders - 28% (Adding Skills, customs, anti-null,etc) Me - 2% (Uploading and adding some adjustments) ***If you use this source, let me try out your server, just need the IP!