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  1. Menacescape is now a straight spawn, and pk away server. You log in, you can change your stats to whatever you'd like. You can spawn. You receive a nice bank if you don't like spawning. I didn't do much changes to the server, it's almost the same. I just edited a few touches to make it more friendly. Skills and mini-games are not set up on the server yet. Maybe later in the future after we receive players again ill consider putting some type of skills in the server. [U][I]links[/I][/U]: [url]http://menacescape.com/[/url] [url]http://menacescape.com/index.php?p=webclient[/url] [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/smqc9k.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2hdznlx.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/281a79y.png[/IMG] Come, and join. You'll enjoy it.
  2. As promised, summer is here and it's time to lift our head from disappointment of menacescape dieing and revive it. Enjoy the advertisement topic. It's been more than 2 years that we have been online, we've been through v1, v2, v3, and finally here it is; v4. To cut it short, if you want to experience the pking, but easy way to get through the game, than visit us. We offer this, and a lot more. We have almost every skill, even ranging from summoning to hunter. Our mini-games are on point. Duel arena, Pest control, Warrior Guild, Fight cave, etc. Source is stable, we are able to host many people with our powerful dedicated host. Enough talking.. Links: Homepage: [url]http://menacescape.com[/url] Webclient: [url]http://menacescape.com/index.php?p=webclient[/url] Download link: [url]http://menacescape.com/v4/Menacescape%20V4%20Client.zip[/url] Features: - Duel arena, Pest control, warrior guild, fight cave, fight pits, etc - Stable source (100+) - zoom out & in on client, able to change gameframe, etc - All skills including hunter & summoning! - Amazing switching/pking - Easy way to earn cash Pictures: [IMG]http://www.menacescape.com/v4/Advertisement%20picture.png[/IMG]
  3. [CENTER][IMG]http://www.menacescape.com/images/bluefox/misc/logo.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [LIST] [*][URL="http://menacescape.com"]Website[/URL] [*][URL="http://menacescape.com/index.php?p=webclient"]Web client[/URL] [*][URL="http://www.menacescape.com/v3/Menacescape%20V3%20Client.rar"]Downloadable client[/URL] [/LIST] With the up, and down the server went through in the past we are still standing. We've been online since May, 18, 2010. Ruffly a year, and six months now. Menacescape is a PK server, you're able to pk for items that require PK points. There various type of pk areas, and mini-games you are able to do to lift up your PK points. The server is stable, it gets reset every 24 hours automatically, and it's always.. unless a problem occurs online. The staff team is fair, i cannot guarantee you the best but it works. If something goes wrong, you are always able to Private message me on the forums and i will handle it. Now here are some media of the server. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture381.png[/IMG] - All the buttons work. The hitpoint bar, and right click is the updated version one if it's on. The item list opens up a list where you are able to search for a certain item. The gameframe changes from 474, 525, and 602. The vote opens up the forum where you are given the chance to vote for the server. The damage x10 is like how runescape currently is, you could either enable or disable this option. - There NPC in there which are shops, guidance, or helper. The helpers could either recharge your special, your health, or prayer. The shops are there for you to grab items fast. The guidance is for new players to show you your way through the server. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture382.png[/IMG] - Edgeville is the home, we recently changed this back to edgeville. It's a easy way for members to locate their wilderness, and have the bank next door. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture383.png[/IMG] - Fight pits is where people gather up to kill people. There isn't any timer, after you die you could run right back into the match. Every kill you earn a fight pits coin which could be exchanged for fight capes, and others. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture384.png[/IMG] - Here is your stats. You are able to click on them and it will shout out your information, whichever you click on. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture385.png[/IMG] - Clan chat is function, you could create your own room, and invite people. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture386.png[/IMG] - KBD, where you are able to kill the dragon for PK points. [IMG]http://img.techpowerup.org/111122/Capture387.png[/IMG] - Teleports, this is a navigation to places you wish to travel.
  4. That sounds wack. :D.. but i don't bot anymore so its fine for me.
  5. You should at least post how good the account is.