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  1. there are actually 2 bugs when u have soulsplit or any other headicon prayer u can put both on
  2. does anyone know how to make crystal chest work? ive tryed alot of methods im pretty sure this piece is wrong import org.dementhium.content.minigames.CrystalChest; and yes i do have the import :P [code] player.getInventory().addItem(new ChanceItem(CRYSTAL_CHEST_REWARDS));[/code] but here is rest :S itemonobjecthandler.java [code] } else if (def.getName().toLowerCase().equals("closed chest")) { if (player.getInventory().contains(989)) { if (!player.getInventory().contains(989)) { player.sendMessage("You do not have a crystal key."); return; } player.getInventory().getContainer().remove(new Item(989)); player.getInventory().addItem(new ChanceItem(CRYSTAL_CHEST_REWARDS)); player.getInventory().refresh(); player.sendMessage("You open the Closed Chest."); return; }[/code] crystalchest.java [code] private static final ChanceItem[] CRYSTAL_CHEST_REWARDS = new ChanceItem[] { new ChanceItem(new Item(995, 2000), 27), new ChanceItem(new Item(1631, 1), 100), new ChanceItem(new Item(1969, 1), 27), new ChanceItem(new Item(441, 150), 8), new ChanceItem(new Item(454, 1), 7), new ChanceItem(new Item(2363, 3), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(556, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(558, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(559, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(557, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(554, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(555, 50), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(560, 10), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(564, 10), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(562, 10), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(561, 10), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(563, 10), 9), new ChanceItem(new Item(985, 1), 3), new ChanceItem(new Item(987, 1), 3), new ChanceItem(new Item(995, 750), 3), };[/code]
  3. i said fixed :P got it working :D and it saves on logout but just make it save on drop method >.>
  4. anyone please need help with this quickly :(
  5. when u drop any item and logout to lobby quickly log back in u will still have item in inv and the item on the floor will show up in like 2 minutes
  6. there is no need for that realy but fine i will try ty for trying to help atleast the error lies in this realy player.getInventory().addItem(CRYSTAL_CHEST_REWARDS);
  7. nah doesnt work :P tryed it haha