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  1. hate to dig up my old post but, i did come across 2006remade as they did have their website launched, but they have been hacked and so, now dont have a vanilla RS to play.
  2. hi, just going to download a version of eclipse so i can actually compile some RSPS's from the downloads section since the bat files do not compile them and people are not willing to help fix the bat files because apparently i should give up unless im a genius.... went to download Eclipse and there is at least 10 different versions, do i just want the entire package or a very specific package?
  3. nevermind, figured out how to get admin status, but now i cannot compile the server, im using this in my bat file: [QUOTE]@echo off "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_40\bin\javac.exe" -classpath deps/log4j-1.2.15.jar;deps/jython.jar;deps/xstream.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/poi.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar -d bin src\server\event\*.java src\server\model\items\*.java src\server\model\minigames\*.java src\server\model\npcs\*.java src\server\model\objects\*.java src\server\model\players\*.java src\server\model\players\skills\*.java src\server\model\players\packets\*.java src\server\model\shops\*.java src\server\net\*.java src\server\task\*.java src\server\util\*.java src\server\world\*.java src\server\util\log\*.java src\server\*.java src\server\world\map\*.java pause[/QUOTE] and what the compiler returns is: [QUOTE]javac: file not found: src\server\event\*.java Usage: javac <options> <source files> use -help for a list of possible options press any key to continue...[/QUOTE] i have tried removing the source locations but then it does not compile at all, this is using the 2006remade package. tried googling the solution and nothing has worked.
  4. [quote name='Gircat']Go in Player.java Find: (around line 1703) [CODE] if (getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("gircat") || getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")|| getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("") || getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("") || getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("") || getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("")) { return 2;[/CODE] Replace the name with yours. and the next one with "return 1;" is your mods.[/QUOTE] excellent, cheers!!! is the XP rate hiding somewhere else as well?? the source is a bit foreign to me
  5. cant figure out how to add mods or admins, or edit the XP rate, can anyone help?? also, sorry for necro
  6. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']I never used RuneSource but Player.java or ActionSender.java; try to find something this way and the if you find 'getRights' the code would be: [code] if (currentJavaFile.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCare("my name")) currentJavaFile.setRights(2);[/code][/QUOTE] checked in both of those java files and there was nothing in either file for getRights, might it be somewhere else?
  7. hi, i got a copy of a RuneSource based project to work on in my spare time, the problem im having with this is figuring out how to make myself an admin, as the player file is a .dat file and it just opens up as jargon basically and so im not sure where i change who are mods/admins. i also cannot seem to find the XP rate in the source either as i wish to change that. could anyone kindly help?
  8. cant get the client to work, just throws out the "exception in thread "main" java.lang.noclassdeffounderror", kind of needing to run it from a bat file as i want to test this on my home LAN and dont want to have to install Eclipse on each machine just to get the client to load, any fixes??
  9. ill take that as a no then....
  10. hi, i got curious and started wondering, if there was in existance a 317 RSPS floating around that works exactaly like Vanilla RS from that time (which was 2007 right?)?? im asking because i am heading to a LAN party, and thought it might be kind of cool to run a vanilla like 317 RSPS, most of the ones i come across are extremely unstable, no skills work, no doors work, any if not all NPC's are around and the level rate is absurdly high. i can understand that most people would go "write it yourself idiot", but its hard to me to wrap my noggin around Java programming S: does anyone know if they exist in a downloadable package form?
  11. so i downloaded the mithscape 508 server package as a clean slate starting point to work on 508, i do however, have a problem.... the package comes with no .bat files, so i cannot compile off the bat nor run it, but i have heard of people using IDE's such as IntelliJ, Eclipse or Netbeans, the only thing is that i am not familiar with Netbeans, Eclipse or IntelliJ so im very foreign to them. to boil it down into a very simple question, Do i compile this with .BAT files or using an IDE?? if i can compile with either one, how do i set it up?
  12. sorry for reviving a dead thread, but i needed a 508 clean slate to begin with. what do i compile this with?? do i use bat files like the 317 compiles? or do i have to use something like IntelliJ or Eclipse?
  13. ive just downloaded the 508 client and server and followed the tutorial to do so and got them both working, ive tested as many skills as i possibly can and for some reason, no clients or accounts gain any XP whatsoever, i could bury 50 dragon bones and not gain 1 XP at all, how do i fix this?
  14. [quote name='CarbonRed']ok i don't want to seem like im trolling or anything but can i know why you posted this? are you looking for afix or something ? help or anything that we might be able to help you with ? please let me know and sounds like a great idea, is it a 317 or a 718 or 506 or something? and by LAN do you mean play by our self? or would you want to turn it online aswell?[/QUOTE] of course, i was at a friends place the other day and runescape came up in topic, and chatter was going back and forth between myself and my other friends about how awesome it was back in its heyday, went home that night and wondered if meybe i could somehow relive those glorious times, went googling and about 40 minutes later i found PI, had a look at it, fixed a couple of things here and there thought it was great, but theres alot of work to be done to get it upto scratch really S: im scheduling up a LAN party soon and thought that meybe i could add an RS like server in the mix of AoE 1 and 2, albeit, the same as normal RS, but with just slightly tweaked XP rates. its a 317 server i have atm, though im wondering if 506 might be a good choice since we all played through those. what i mean by LAN is Local area network, so can have meybe, 8 computers on my local network that can tap in for some good old nostalgia.
  15. hi, ive been fiddling around with the starter pack trying to make a workable version of PI that plays exactaly like normal RS, albeit, meybe with some minor XP tweaks. though the problem i face is with the way the starterpack is, its going to take an extremely long time to get it to near exactaly like normal RS as alot of things are missing and trying to figure out how to fit them in is getting a little frustrating, and the thing is, im looking for a copy to take to some LAN party's so me and some friends of mine can play over the local network for a bit of shenanigans, and i dont really want to use packs that are totally focused on PK'ing/PvP, id like to have all the elements of normal RS but also have the option of PvP along with it too, is there such a server package in existance?? or will anything i find require alot of work in the end? thanks for reading.