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  1. gligli

    buying auto votes

    buying auto votes, my skype : runescape.help :) paying rsgp's and cash (:
  2. there are none like working fully :L
  3. gligli

    Log Out Error [PI]

    Memory Leak every PI has it dont worry about it.
  4. any idea on hwo to do this/ for 614/634?
  5. Meh this is the christmas edition one + its not hard to remove mysql if you know what your doing...
  6. Yeah, so i found alot of complaints how the releaser wouldnt remove the mysql so yeah... here it is XD. also if i dont get any thanks/rep ill just remove. [url]http://up.ht/zZGtHT[/url] so yeah enjoy!
  7. [quote name='Krooked']Little tip: If you're going to record; get a better computer. Nobody enjoys watching laggy ass videos.[/QUOTE] bro gtfo my thread and its your comp not mine i have a alienware
  8. please go check it out and if you want to subscribe i can use all the support 2 vids per day! workingo n second one today ive been making vids for bout 1 month! [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/zefriance?feature=mhee[/url]
  9. 44 mins till upload is done on uppit!
  10. nothing recent works with this source honestly ive tried to add customs etc they dont work -.- really annoying
  11. well sir ure server is very well anti leeched how do i remove the lost legacy thingy from the uhm combat screen and the login?