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  1. Good luck, u should make the Virtue information box as a tab instead. It looks cluttered when its shown on screen like that.
  2. [quote name='Cart']Dementhium's Nex is [B]very [/B]buggy, I would redo it all. also you'll see me in the credits for it xd.[/QUOTE] Trust me, I didn't use Dementhium's nex at all :p
  3. Todays updates: Fixed player updating crash Tested combat and revamp [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WPg2jch.png[/IMG]
  4. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Goodluck, looks decent.[/QUOTE] Thanks [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fGUBvGJ.png[/img] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HY0InoT.png[/img] Some updates: Cutscene system has been implemented Added Nex's No Escape move Dynamic regions are also working! this will allow me to create cutscenes and minigames/skills Fixed various bugs around the source and removed some junk Implemented a better skills manager for actions such as woodcutting, npc interaction etc
  5. Looks pretty good, Good luck!
  6. Reserved.
  7. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][CENTER][SIZE=4][B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Tyden 637/639[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=1]Based off of RuneEscape v1.1. Converted from 562 to a 637. [/size][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tcofJzQ.png[/IMG] [SIZE=2][B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Information[/COLOR] [/B] Tyden 637 is a leap from Tyden V2, this time in the revision of 637! No more messed up item models and missing features(Xp counter). This server is going to be a full economy server utilizing runescape's original features with [B]some custom content[/B]. However, this server is still in very early stages as there are still things left to convert from 562. [B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Programmers[/color][/B] [URL="http://www.****************/members/darkside1222/"]Darkside1222[/URL] - Main Developer [B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Server updates[/color][/B] [spoiler= Updates Log] Note: Development started about 2 weeks ago. Note2: Updates are in no particular order [LIST] [*]Implemented A * Pathfinding [*]Completed Shops [*]Items kept on death [*]Price Checker now loads different GE Prices [*]Players now lose items, values are dependant on high alch prices [*]Fixed diagonal combat [*]Projectile Clipping Implemented [*]Found music config and created music system [*]Summoning base [*]Client now loads with server [*]Implemented player updating & npc updating. Missing force movement [*]Converted tons of packets [*]Revised Player updating and updated movement [*]Removed walking handler and implemented my own [*]Woodcutting & objects are now working [*]Prayer & curses are now working properly [*]Removed npc combat for now [*]Bank tabs [*]Completed Force movement for players and npcs. [*]added level up interfaces [*]Finished packyaks, unicorn stallian, wolpfer and steel titan [*]Character Design added [*]Pickpocketing npcs and stalls have been implemented [*]Pouch creation [*]Nex completed [*]Added friends and ignore list [*]Revamped npc updating once again [*]Added object path finding and fixed clicking [*]Object spawning and object destorying added [*]Doors [*]Blink from rs4life has been implemented [*]Cutscene system has been implemented [*]Added Nex's No Escape move [*]Dynamic regions are also working! this will allow me to create cutscenes and minigames/skills [*]Fixed various bugs around the source and removed some junk [*]Implemented a better skills manager for actions such as woodcutting, npc interaction etc [/LIST] [/spoiler] [B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Media[/color][/B] [spoiler=Media] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1nhfbuD.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/InVBAnb.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/8RAIufE.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1AXlOYU.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/N03PVxt.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3CenfZN.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/T4Ggjxa.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vH4u7KC.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/S72hqB4.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6qYoRXc.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fGUBvGJ.png[/img] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HY0InoT.png[/img] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/WPg2jch.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]TODO List[/COLOR][/B] - Finish converting all packets to 637 [B][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Credits:[/COLOR][/B] Dragonkk for base Kevlon 639 & Dementhium for references [/CENTER] [/font][/SIZE]
  8. Good luck on this, i might hop on! What revision is this btw?
  9. [quote name='Thymen']Why posting this.[/QUOTE] For anyone who wants a music list with all the correct ids?
  10. Found this list :D for revision 666 [CODE] ID: 1 Name: Iban ID: 2 Name: Autumn Voyage ID: 3 Name: Unknown Land ID: 4 Name: Hell's Bells ID: 5 Name: Sad Meadow ID: 6 Name: Jolly-R ID: 7 Name: Overture ID: 8 Name: Wildwood ID: 9 Name: Kingdom ID: 10 Name: Moody ID: 11 Name: Spooky2 ID: 12 Name: Long Way Home ID: 13 Name: Mage Arena ID: 14 Name: Witching ID: 15 Name: Workshop ID: 16 Name: Scape Main ID: 17 Name: Escape ID: 18 Name: Horizon ID: 19 Name: Arabique ID: 20 Name: Lullaby ID: 21 Name: Monarch Waltz ID: 22 Name: Gnome King ID: 23 Name: Fe Fi Fo Fum ID: 24 Name: Attack1 ID: 25 Name: Attack2 ID: 26 Name: Attack3 ID: 27 Name: Attack4 ID: 28 Name: Attack5 ID: 29 Name: Attack6 ID: 30 Name: Voodoo Cult ID: 32 Name: Voyage ID: 33 Name: Gnome Village ID: 34 Name: Wonder ID: 35 Name: Sea Shanty2 ID: 36 Name: Arabian ID: 37 Name: Deep Wildy ID: 38 Name: Trawler ID: 41 Name: Expecting ID: 42 Name: Wilderness2 ID: 43 Name: Wilderness3 ID: 44 Name: Right on Track ID: 45 Name: Venture2 ID: 46 Name: Harmony2 ID: 47 Name: Duel Arena ID: 48 Name: Morytania ID: 49 Name: Wander ID: 50 Name: Al Kharid ID: 51 Name: Trawler Minor ID: 52 Name: Serene ID: 53 Name: Royale ID: 54 Name: Scape Soft ID: 55 Name: High Seas ID: 56 Name: Doorways ID: 57 Name: Rune Essence ID: 58 Name: Nomad ID: 59 Name: Cursed ID: 60 Name: Lasting ID: 61 Name: Village ID: 62 Name: Newbie Melody ID: 63 Name: Chain of Command ID: 64 Name: Book of Spells ID: 65 Name: Miracle Dance ID: 66 Name: Legion ID: 67 Name: Close Quarters ID: 68 Name: Cavern ID: 69 Name: Egypt ID: 70 Name: Upcoming ID: 71 Name: Chompy Hunt ID: 72 Name: Fanfare ID: 73 Name: All's Fairy in Love and War ID: 74 Name: Lightwalk ID: 75 Name: Venture ID: 76 Name: Harmony ID: 77 Name: Splendour ID: 78 Name: Reggae ID: 79 Name: The Desert ID: 80 Name: Soundscape ID: 81 Name: Wonderous ID: 82 Name: Waterfall ID: 83 Name: Big Chords ID: 84 Name: Dead Quiet ID: 85 Name: Vision ID: 86 Name: Dimension X ID: 87 Name: Ice Melody ID: 88 Name: Twilight ID: 89 Name: Reggae2 ID: 90 Name: Ambient Jungle ID: 91 Name: Riverside ID: 92 Name: Sea Shanty ID: 93 Name: Parade ID: 94 Name: Tribal2 ID: 95 Name: Intrepid ID: 96 Name: Inspiration ID: 97 Name: Hermit ID: 98 Name: Forever ID: 99 Name: Baroque ID: 100 Name: Beyond ID: 101 Name: Gnome Village2 ID: 102 Name: Alone ID: 103 Name: Oriental ID: 104 Name: Camelot ID: 105 Name: Tomorrow ID: 106 Name: Expanse ID: 107 Name: Miles Away ID: 108 Name: Starlight ID: 109 Name: Theme ID: 110 Name: Serenade ID: 111 Name: Still Night ID: 112 Name: Gnomeball ID: 113 Name: Lightness ID: 114 Name: Jungly1 ID: 115 Name: Jungly2 ID: 116 Name: Greatness ID: 117 Name: Jungly3 ID: 118 Name: Faerie ID: 119 Name: Fishing ID: 120 Name: Shining ID: 121 Name: Forbidden ID: 122 Name: Shine ID: 123 Name: Arabian2 ID: 124 Name: Arabian3 ID: 125 Name: Garden ID: 126 Name: We Are the Fairies ID: 127 Name: Nightfall ID: 128 Name: Grumpy ID: 129 Name: Spooky Jungle ID: 130 Name: Tree Spirits ID: 131 Name: Understanding ID: 132 Name: Breeze ID: 133 Name: The Tower ID: 134 Name: La Mort ID: 138 Name: Emperor ID: 140 Name: Talking Forest ID: 141 Name: Barbarianism ID: 142 Name: Complication ID: 143 Name: Down to Earth ID: 144 Name: Scape Cave ID: 145 Name: Yesteryear ID: 146 Name: Zealot ID: 148 Name: Emotion ID: 149 Name: Principality ID: 150 Name: Mouse Trap ID: 151 Name: Start ID: 152 Name: Ballad of Enchantment ID: 153 Name: Expedition ID: 154 Name: Bone Dance ID: 155 Name: Neverland ID: 156 Name: Mausoleum ID: 157 Name: Medieval ID: 158 Name: Quest ID: 159 Name: Gaol ID: 160 Name: Army of Darkness ID: 161 Name: Long Ago ID: 162 Name: Tribal Background ID: 163 Name: Flute Salad ID: 164 Name: Landlubber ID: 165 Name: Tribal ID: 166 Name: Fanfare2 ID: 167 Name: Fanfare3 ID: 168 Name: Lonesome ID: 169 Name: Crystal Sword ID: 170 Name: The Shadow ID: 172 Name: Jungle Island ID: 173 Name: Dunjun ID: 174 Name: Desert Voyage ID: 175 Name: Spirit ID: 176 Name: Undercurrent ID: 177 Name: Adventure ID: 178 Name: Courage ID: 179 Name: Underground ID: 180 Name: Attention ID: 181 Name: Crystal Cave ID: 182 Name: Dangerous ID: 183 Name: Troubled ID: 184 Name: Magical Journey ID: 185 Name: Magic Dance ID: 186 Name: Arrival ID: 187 Name: Tremble ID: 188 Name: In the Manor ID: 189 Name: Land of Snow ID: 190 Name: Heart and Mind ID: 191 Name: Knightly ID: 192 Name: Trinity ID: 193 Name: Mellow ID: 194 Name: Brimstail's Scales ID: 197 Name: Lament of Meiyerditch ID: 198 Name: Dagannoth Dawn ID: 200 Name: The Mollusc Menace ID: 201 Name: Slug a Bug Ball ID: 202 Name: Prime Time ID: 203 Name: My Arm's Journey ID: 204 Name: Roc and Roll ID: 205 Name: High Spirits ID: 206 Name: Floating Free ID: 207 Name: Scape Hunter ID: 208 Name: Jungle Island XMAS ID: 209 Name: Jungle Bells ID: 210 Name: Sea Shanty XMAS ID: 211 Name: Pirates of Penance ID: 213 Name: Labyrinth ID: 214 Name: Undead Dungeon ID: 216 Name: Espionage ID: 217 Name: Have an Ice Day ID: 220 Name: Island of the Trolls ID: 221 Name: Jester Minute ID: 222 Name: Major Miner ID: 223 Name: Norse Code ID: 224 Name: Ogre the Top ID: 225 Name: Volcanic Vikings ID: 228 Name: Garden of Autumn ID: 229 Name: Garden of Spring ID: 230 Name: Garden of Summer ID: 231 Name: Garden of Winter ID: 234 Name: Creature Cruelty ID: 235 Name: Magic Magic Magic ID: 236 Name: Mutant Medley ID: 237 Name: Work Work Work ID: 238 Name: Zombiism ID: 239 Name: Brain Battle ID: 240 Name: Dorgeshuun City ID: 241 Name: Stagnant ID: 242 Name: Time Out ID: 243 Name: Stratosphere ID: 244 Name: Waterlogged ID: 245 Name: Natural ID: 246 Name: Grotto ID: 247 Name: Artistry ID: 248 Name: Aztec ID: 249 Name: Dorgeshuun Deep ID: 250 Name: Surok's Theme ID: 251 Name: Forest ID: 252 Name: Elven Mist ID: 253 Name: Lost Soul ID: 254 Name: Meridian ID: 255 Name: Woodland ID: 256 Name: Overpass ID: 257 Name: Sojourn ID: 258 Name: Contest ID: 259 Name: Crystal Castle ID: 260 Name: Insect Queen ID: 261 Name: Marzipan ID: 262 Name: Righteousness ID: 263 Name: Bandit Camp ID: 264 Name: Mad Eadgar ID: 265 Name: Superstition ID: 266 Name: Bone Dry ID: 267 Name: Sunburn ID: 268 Name: Everywhere ID: 269 Name: Competition ID: 270 Name: Exposed ID: 271 Name: Well of Voyage ID: 272 Name: Alternative Root ID: 273 Name: Easter Jig ID: 274 Name: Rising Damp ID: 275 Name: Slice of Station ID: 276 Name: Ham and Seek ID: 277 Name: Haunted Mine ID: 278 Name: Deep Down ID: 279 Name: Ham Attack ID: 281 Name: Slice of Silent Movie ID: 282 Name: Chamber ID: 283 Name: Everlasting ID: 284 Name: Miscellania ID: 285 Name: Etcetera ID: 286 Name: Shadowland ID: 287 Name: Lair ID: 288 Name: Deadlands ID: 289 Name: Rellekka ID: 290 Name: Saga ID: 291 Name: Borderland ID: 292 Name: Stranded ID: 293 Name: Legend ID: 294 Name: Frostbite ID: 295 Name: Warrior ID: 296 Name: Technology ID: 298 Name: Illusive ID: 299 Name: Inadequacy ID: 300 Name: Untouchable ID: 301 Name: Down and Out ID: 302 Name: On the Up ID: 303 Name: Monkey Madness ID: 304 Name: Marooned ID: 305 Name: Anywhere ID: 306 Name: Island Life ID: 307 Name: Temple ID: 308 Name: Suspicious ID: 309 Name: Looking Back ID: 310 Name: Dwarf Theme ID: 311 Name: Showdown ID: 312 Name: Find My Way ID: 313 Name: Goblin Village ID: 314 Name: Castle Wars ID: 316 Name: The Navigator ID: 317 Name: Melodrama ID: 318 Name: Ready for Battle ID: 319 Name: Stillness ID: 320 Name: Lighthouse ID: 321 Name: Scape Scared ID: 322 Name: Out of the Deep ID: 323 Name: Underground Pass ID: 324 Name: Background ID: 325 Name: Cave Background ID: 326 Name: Dark ID: 327 Name: Dream ID: 328 Name: March ID: 329 Name: Regal ID: 330 Name: Cellar Song ID: 331 Name: Scape Sad ID: 332 Name: Scape Wild ID: 333 Name: Spooky ID: 334 Name: Pirates of Peril ID: 335 Name: Romancing the Crone ID: 336 Name: Dangerous Road ID: 337 Name: Faithless ID: 338 Name: Tiptoe ID: 339 Name: The Terrible Tower ID: 340 Name: Masquerade ID: 341 Name: The Slayer ID: 342 Name: Body Parts ID: 343 Name: Monster Melee ID: 344 Name: Fenkenstrain's Refrain ID: 345 Name: Barking Mad ID: 346 Name: Goblin Game ID: 347 Name: Fruits de Mer ID: 348 Name: Narnode's Theme ID: 349 Name: Impetuous ID: 351 Name: Dynasty ID: 352 Name: Scarab ID: 353 Name: Shipwrecked ID: 354 Name: Phasmatys ID: 355 Name: The Other Side ID: 356 Name: Settlement ID: 357 Name: Cave of Beasts ID: 358 Name: Dragontooth Island ID: 359 Name: Sarcophagus ID: 361 Name: Down Below ID: 362 Name: Karamja Jam ID: 363 Name: 7th Realm ID: 364 Name: Pathways ID: 365 Name: Melzar's Maze ID: 366 Name: Eagle Peak ID: 367 Name: Barb Wire ID: 369 Name: Time to Mine ID: 370 Name: In Between ID: 371 Name: School's Out ID: 372 Name: Far Away ID: 373 Name: Claustrophobia ID: 374 Name: Knightmare ID: 375 Name: Fight or Flight ID: 376 Name: Temple of Light ID: 377 Name: The Golem ID: 378 Name: Forgotten ID: 379 Name: Throne of the Demon ID: 380 Name: Dance of the Undead ID: 381 Name: Dangerous Way ID: 382 Name: Lore and Order ID: 383 Name: City of the Dead ID: 384 Name: Hypnotized ID: 386 Name: Bandos Battalion ID: 387 Name: Sphinx ID: 388 Name: Mirage ID: 389 Name: Cave of the Goblins ID: 390 Name: Romper Chomper ID: 391 Name: Zamorak Zoo ID: 392 Name: Zogre Dance ID: 393 Name: Path of Peril ID: 394 Name: Wayward ID: 395 Name: Tale of Keldagrim ID: 396 Name: Land of the Dwarves ID: 397 Name: Tears of Guthix ID: 398 Name: The Power of Tears ID: 399 Name: Armageddon ID: 400 Name: Scape Original ID: 401 Name: The Adventurer ID: 402 Name: The Rogues' Den ID: 403 Name: The Far Side ID: 404 Name: Armadyl Alliance ID: 407 Name: The Lost Melody ID: 408 Name: Strength of Saradomin ID: 409 Name: Frogland ID: 411 Name: Evil Bob's Island ID: 412 Name: Into the Abyss ID: 413 Name: The Quiz Master ID: 414 Name: The Longramble Scramble ID: 416 Name: Healin' Feelin' ID: 417 Name: Terrorbird Tussle ID: 418 Name: Corporal Punishment ID: 419 Name: Pheasant Peasant ID: 420 Name: The Lost Tribe ID: 421 Name: Storeroom Shuffle ID: 425 Name: The Chosen ID: 426 Name: Waste Defaced ID: 427 Name: Bolrie's Diary ID: 428 Name: Altar Ego ID: 429 Name: Roots and Flutes ID: 432 Name: Grimly Fiendish ID: 433 Name: Dusk in Yu'biusk ID: 434 Name: Have a Blast ID: 435 Name: Wilderness ID: 436 Name: Forgettable Melody ID: 437 Name: Zanik's Theme ID: 439 Name: Catacombs and Tombs ID: 440 Name: Temple of Tribes ID: 441 Name: Tournament! ID: 442 Name: Clan Wars ID: 443 Name: Bounty Hunter Level 2 ID: 444 Name: Bounty Hunter Level 1 ID: 445 Name: Bounty Hunter Level 3 ID: 447 Name: Over To Nardah ID: 448 Name: The Monsters Below ID: 449 Name: Wild Isle ID: 450 Name: Venomous ID: 451 Name: Tune from the Dune ID: 452 Name: Copris Lunaris ID: 453 Name: Jungle Hunt ID: 454 Name: Home Sweet Home ID: 455 Name: Scarabaeoidea ID: 456 Name: Animal Apogee ID: 457 Name: Scape Summon ID: 459 Name: The Route of All Evil ID: 460 Name: Joy of the Hunt ID: 461 Name: The Desolate Isle ID: 462 Name: Spirits of Elid ID: 463 Name: Fire and Brimstone ID: 464 Name: The Genie ID: 465 Name: Desert Heat ID: 466 Name: Ground Scape ID: 467 Name: The Route of the Problem ID: 468 Name: Shaping Up ID: 469 Name: In the Pits ID: 470 Name: Strange Place ID: 471 Name: Brew Hoo Hoo ID: 472 Name: Spa Bizarre ID: 473 Name: TzHaar! ID: 474 Name: Bish Bash Bosh ID: 475 Name: Wild Side ID: 476 Name: Dead Can Dance ID: 477 Name: Hot 'n' Bothered ID: 478 Name: The Cellar Dwellers ID: 479 Name: Jungle Troubles ID: 481 Name: Catch Me If You Can ID: 482 Name: Rat a Tat Tat ID: 483 Name: Jungle Community ID: 485 Name: The Noble Rodent ID: 487 Name: Charmin' Farmin' ID: 488 Name: The Wrong Path ID: 489 Name: Bubble and Squeak ID: 490 Name: Sarim's Vermin ID: 491 Name: Rat Hunt ID: 492 Name: Exam Conditions ID: 493 Name: Safety in Numbers ID: 494 Name: Incarceration ID: 496 Name: The Trade Parade ID: 497 Name: Aye Car Rum Ba ID: 498 Name: Blistering Barnacles ID: 499 Name: Creepy ID: 500 Name: A New Menace ID: 501 Name: Distant Land ID: 502 Name: Bittersweet Bunny ID: 503 Name: Waiting for the Hunt ID: 504 Name: Fangs for the Memory ID: 505 Name: Pharaoh's Tomb ID: 506 Name: Land Down Under ID: 507 Name: Guthix's Hunter ID: 508 Name: Meddling Kids ID: 509 Name: Corridors of Power ID: 510 Name: Slither and Thither ID: 511 Name: In the Clink ID: 512 Name: Bloodbath ID: 513 Name: Conspiracy: Part 1 ID: 514 Name: The Columbarium ID: 515 Name: Mudskipper Melody ID: 516 Name: Conspiracy: Part 2 ID: 517 Name: Subterranea ID: 518 Name: The Terrible Tunnels ID: 519 Name: Incantation ID: 520 Name: Grip of the Talon ID: 521 Name: The Terrible Caverns ID: 522 Name: Icy a Worried Gnome ID: 523 Name: Icy Trouble Ahead ID: 524 Name: Xenophobe ID: 525 Name: Title Fight ID: 526 Name: Arma Gonna Get You ID: 527 Name: Dillo-gence is Key ID: 528 Name: Victory is Mine ID: 529 Name: Woe of the Wyvern ID: 530 Name: In the Brine ID: 531 Name: TokTz-Ket-Ek-Mack ID: 532 Name: Diango's Little Helpers ID: 533 Name: Roll the Bones ID: 534 Name: Mind Over Matter ID: 535 Name: Golden Touch ID: 536 Name: Cool for Ali Cats ID: 537 Name: Dogs of War ID: 539 Name: Under the Sand ID: 540 Name: Desert Smoke ID: 541 Name: The Enchanter ID: 542 Name: Lament ID: 543 Name: Slain to Waste ID: 544 Name: Making Waves ID: 545 Name: Cabin Fever ID: 546 Name: Last Stand ID: 547 Name: Scape Santa ID: 548 Name: Poles Apart ID: 549 Name: Jailbird ID: 550 Name: Something Fishy ID: 551 Name: A Pirate's Life for Me ID: 552 Name: The Mentor ID: 553 Name: Shining Spirit ID: 554 Name: Troubled Spirit ID: 555 Name: Ardougne Ago ID: 556 Name: Sarah's Lullaby ID: 557 Name: Historic Memories ID: 558 Name: Food for Thought ID: 559 Name: Malady ID: 560 Name: Dance of Death ID: 561 Name: Second Vision ID: 562 Name: Circus ID: 563 Name: The Vacant Abyss ID: 564 Name: Bane of Summer ID: 565 Name: Wrath and Ruin ID: 566 Name: Zombie Invasion ID: 567 Name: Dream Theatre ID: 568 Name: Storm Brew ID: 569 Name: Undead Army ID: 570 Name: The Ruins of Camdozaal ID: 571 Name: The Art of Hocus-Pocus ID: 572 Name: Magic and Mystery ID: 573 Name: The Mad Mole ID: 575 Name: Chickened Out ID: 576 Name: Davy Jones's Locker ID: 577 Name: Mastermindless ID: 578 Name: Stealing Creation ID: 579 Name: Dangerous Logic ID: 581 Name: The Evil Within ID: 582 Name: Too Many Cooks... ID: 583 Name: Chef Surprize ID: 584 Name: Temple Desecrated ID: 585 Name: Black of Knight ID: 586 Name: Everlasting Fire ID: 587 Name: Null and Void ID: 588 Name: Pest Control ID: 589 Name: The Sound of Guthix ID: 591 Name: Tomb Raider ID: 592 Name: Winter Funfare ID: 593 Name: The Dance of the Snow Queen ID: 594 Name: No Way Out ID: 595 Name: Cavernous Mythology ID: 596 Name: The Phoenix ID: 597 Name: The Waiting Game ID: 598 Name: Soul Wars ID: 599 Name: Snack Attack ID: 600 Name: Method of Madness ID: 601 Name: Trees Aren't Your Friends ID: 602 Name: Fear and Loathing ID: 603 Name: Funny Bunnies ID: 604 Name: Assault and Battery ID: 605 Name: Demise of the Dorgeshuun ID: 606 Name: The Depths ID: 608 Name: But We Can Fight ID: 609 Name: Godslayer ID: 610 Name: Distillery Hilarity ID: 611 Name: Trouble Brewing ID: 612 Name: Head to Head ID: 613 Name: Face Off ID: 614 Name: Pinball Wizard ID: 615 Name: Beetle Juice ID: 616 Name: Back to Life ID: 617 Name: The Chosen Commander ID: 618 Name: The Throne of Bandos ID: 620 Name: Where Eagles Lair ID: 621 Name: Homescape ID: 622 Name: Waking Dream ID: 623 Name: Dreamstate ID: 624 Name: Don't Panic Zanik ID: 625 Name: The Lunar Isle ID: 626 Name: Way of the Enchanter ID: 627 Name: Isle of Everywhere ID: 628 Name: Glorious Recallation... ID: 629 Name: Glorious Recallation... ID: 630 Name: The Galleon ID: 631 Name: Life's a Beach! ID: 632 Name: Little Cave of Horrors ID: 633 Name: On the Wing ID: 634 Name: Warriors' Guild ID: 635 Name: The Adventurers Re-United! ID: 636 Name: Nial's Widow ID: 637 Name: Glorious Recallation... ID: 638 Name: H.A.M. Fisted ID: 639 Name: Frost Fight ID: 640 Name: Sigmund's Showdown ID: 641 Name: Lair of Kang Admi ID: 642 Name: Lazy Wabbit ID: 643 Name: The Last Shanty ID: 644 Name: Hare-brained Machines ID: 645 Name: The Muspah's Tomb ID: 646 Name: Night of the Vampyre ID: 647 Name: Rest for the Weary ID: 648 Name: The Plundered Tomb ID: 649 Name: Ancestral Wisdom ID: 650 Name: Ice Day for Penguins ID: 651 Name: The Pengmersible ID: 652 Name: Penguin Possible ID: 655 Name: Desert Island Bear ID: 666 Name: Kharidian Nights ID: 667 Name: Eruption ID: 668 Name: Mobilising Armies ID: 669 Name: Command Centre ID: 670 Name: Waiting for Battle ID: 672 Name: The Heist ID: 673 Name: Lamistard's Labyrinth ID: 674 Name: Exhibit 'A' ID: 677 Name: Fight of the Dwarves ID: 678 Name: Living Rock ID: 679 Name: Scape Theme ID: 680 Name: Elven Seed ID: 681 Name: Trick or Treat? ID: 682 Name: Poison Dreams ID: 683 Name: Itsy Bitsy... ID: 684 Name: The Duke ID: 693 Name: The Horn of Chill ID: 699 Name: Zaros Stirs ID: 710 Name: Final Destination ID: 713 Name: The Fallen Hero ID: 714 Name: Jaws of the Dagannoth ID: 715 Name: Maiasaura ID: 716 Name: Honkytonky Newbie Melody ID: 717 Name: I'm Counting on You ID: 718 Name: Honkytonky Harmony ID: 719 Name: Honkytonky Sea Shanty ID: 720 Name: Honkytonky Parade ID: 721 Name: Honkytonky Medieval ID: 722 Name: Ghost of Christmas Presents ID: 724 Name: Smorgasbord ID: 725 Name: Silent Knight ID: 727 Name: Battle of Souls ID: 728 Name: Desolate Ruins ID: 729 Name: These Stones ID: 730 Name: A Familiar Feeling ID: 731 Name: Dead and Buried ID: 732 Name: The Pact ID: 734 Name: Freshwater ID: 735 Name: Saltwater ID: 736 Name: Stillwater ID: 737 Name: An Easter United ID: 738 Name: Lexicus Runewright ID: 739 Name: Adorno IV ID: 741 Name: Adorno III ID: 742 Name: Adorno V ID: 743 Name: Stomp ID: 746 Name: Rammernaut ID: 747 Name: Adorno IX ID: 748 Name: Adorno I ID: 753 Name: Adorno VI ID: 756 Name: Adorno X ID: 757 Name: Adorno VIII ID: 759 Name: Night-gazer Khighorahk ID: 761 Name: Adorno VII ID: 767 Name: Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter ID: 768 Name: Sagittare ID: 769 Name: Adorno II ID: 770 Name: ID: 771 Name: Desolo VII ID: 775 Name: Desolo IX ID: 779 Name: Desolo I ID: 780 Name: Desolo VI ID: 781 Name: Desolo II ID: 782 Name: Divine Skinweaver ID: 783 Name: Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan ID: 784 Name: Unholy Cursebearer ID: 785 Name: Bulwark Beast ID: 786 Name: Bal'lak the Pummeller ID: 787 Name: Hobgoblin Geomancer ID: 790 Name: Desolo VIII ID: 794 Name: Desolo V ID: 799 Name: Desolo III ID: 801 Name: Desolo X ID: 802 Name: Desolo IV ID: 803 Name: Born to Do This ID: 808 Name: Glacialis VI ID: 810 Name: Glacialis VIII ID: 811 Name: Glacialis IV ID: 815 Name: Icy Bones ID: 816 Name: Astea Frostweb ID: 817 Name: Gluttonous Behemoth ID: 818 Name: Luminescent Icefiend ID: 819 Name: Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz ID: 820 Name: To'Kash the Bloodchiller ID: 824 Name: Glacialis V ID: 827 Name: Glacialis III ID: 831 Name: Glacialis VII ID: 832 Name: Glacialis I ID: 833 Name: Glacialis IX ID: 834 Name: Glacialis II ID: 837 Name: Glacialis X ID: 838 Name: Thieves' Guild III ID: 839 Name: Thieves' Guild II ID: 840 Name: Thieves' Guild IV ID: 842 Name: Thieves' Guild I ID: 843 Name: Root C**** ID: 844 Name: Body Talk ID: 845 Name: Castle Warz ID: 846 Name: Judge and Jury ID: 847 Name: Mindful ID: 848 Name: Void Knights' Theme ID: 849 Name: Lortnoc Tsep ID: 850 Name: ID: 851 Name: Love Lost ID: 852 Name: ID: 853 Name: ID: 854 Name: Love Bites ID: 855 Name: Love and Hate ID: 856 Name: Chain Reaction ID: 857 Name: All for the Pest ID: 858 Name: Out of Control ID: 859 Name: Destiny ID: 860 Name: Occulo IV ID: 863 Name: Yk'Lagor the Thunderous ID: 864 Name: Occulo X ID: 865 Name: Skeletal Trio ID: 870 Name: Occulo IX ID: 872 Name: Occulo VI ID: 873 Name: Occulo I ID: 876 Name: Necrolord ID: 877 Name: Runed Behemoth ID: 880 Name: Occulo III ID: 882 Name: Occulo II ID: 885 Name: Occulo VII ID: 886 Name: Occulo V ID: 889 Name: Occulo VIII ID: 890 Name: Yk'Lagor the Thunderous ID: 891 Name: Gravecreeper ID: 892 Name: Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk ID: 893 Name: Unavoidable Conflict ID: 895 Name: Right of Conquest ID: 896 Name: Gunnarsgrunn ID: 899 Name: Mystery Revealed ID: 900 Name: In Security ID: 902 Name: Precarious Void ID: 903 Name: Black Zabeth ID: 904 Name: The Void Stares Back ID: 905 Name: Give it Your Pest Shot ID: 906 Name: Who Are We to Judge? ID: 907 Name: Halloween Party ID: 908 Name: Black Zabeth: LIVE! ID: 911 Name: Torqueo IV ID: 913 Name: Dreadnaught ID: 914 Name: Torqueo II ID: 916 Name: Hope Devourer ID: 917 Name: Torqueo III ID: 920 Name: Torqueo VIII ID: 922 Name: Warped Gulega ID: 924 Name: Kal'Ger the Warmonger ID: 925 Name: Torqueo IX ID: 927 Name: Torqueo V ID: 930 Name: Torqueo I ID: 936 Name: Torqueo X ID: 937 Name: World-gorger Shukarhazh ID: 938 Name: Torqueo VII ID: 939 Name: Torqueo VI ID: 940 Name: Blink ID: 941 Name: The Task at Hand ID: 943 Name: Monkey See, Monkey Do ID: 944 Name: Simian Scuffle ID: 947 Name: Monkey See, Monkey Do ID: 950 Name: Monkey See, Monkey Do ID: 951 Name: Seasonal Sports ID: 953 Name: Christmas Caverns ID: 954 Name: Go with the Flow ID: 955 Name: The Records Chamber ID: 956 Name: Only a King ID: 957 Name: Colonel Grimsson ID: 958 Name: Rocky Rescue ID: 959 Name: Corporate Callousness ID: 960 Name: Zaros Zeitgeist ID: 961 Name: Reunion ID: 962 Name: Cage Against the Machine[/CODE]
  11. Well it doesn't matter lol. Hopefully rs4life removed it tho
  12. Good luck on this :P i see u converted the released xp counter lol
  13. Thanks guys, and no launch yet, i don't have any money for vps atm Finished webs and added a neat xp counter alternative [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yS2BmcL.png[/img] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JMmdyRt.png[/img]
  14. [quote name='newboy']Looks good, keep it up. EDIT: Why do your arms look invisible in that picture?[/QUOTE] It's not invisible, the render animation for boxing gloves looks like i don't have arms in that picture :p [spoiler=April 18, 2013] [U][B]April 18 , 2013[/B][/U] [list] [*]Fixed various bugs relating to combat and familiar during private testing [*]Finished Kalphite Queen [*]Fully finished familiars vs player [*]Tweaked the client's hitsplats to look nicer [/list] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aDhme91.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/YfaDnue.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7P26dif.png[/IMG] [/spoiler]
  15. bump. Restarting on this project after a long break. Did some minor tweaks on hitsplats Estimated date is still unknown. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3EXiuWL.png[/IMG]