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  1. Remove norton and some other anti virus.
  2. Is it really possible??
  3. tcindia123

    Do you smoke?

    I am also smoking around 5 in a day.
  4. tcindia123

    Favourite animal?

    My favorite animal is dog and cats.
  5. tcindia123

    Favorite Song?

    My favorite Song is from this moment by Shania Twain.
  6. tcindia123

    Favorite car?

    My favorite Car is BMW E30 M3.
  7. tcindia123

    new laptop

    In my opinion Dell laptop is best i am using it.
  8. tcindia123

    Youtube name.

    you can post on google webmaster forum maybe they can help you.
  9. wow i like them thanks for shairng
  10. you can add password from admin end.
  11. yes you can add it by making it slave.
  12. problem is from internet service provider you are using a limited plan with limited downloads.