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  1. Nice Trojan retard #downs

  2. Okay, so I'm using a 317 PI base, I've jarred it all correctly everything loads up. The only problem is, it won't connect. I've opened port 43594 on my vps, on the run.bat command screen thing it says it's connecting through 43594 which I know is default, I've edited the ip's in client.java in the client folder, all of this has been jarred correctly, the source is running, the client loads up completely. Yet I can't connect. Do you have any ideas? + Rep to anyone who solves it.
  3. nice...
  4. Exscuse me, Appollon demon dylan , has coded for me multiple times and has done magnificaint things for my server i am the owner of Motion-X-Scape"Prothieum" and he is trusted.
  5. [quote name='Hope']The thing is, the webclient you made for him.... Isn't even a proper version of the dementhium 637. There is a few things that need to be fixed.[/QUOTE] Didnt know that , thanks hope for telling me. What is it just wondering?
  6. Lol, i jar his client for him told me he would pay me when i was done i said, now my pay, and he exited teamviewer :facepalm: a kid who doesnt know how to jar a webclient then scams someone will never make it far goodluck with shitdementhium.