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  1. Been going through farming doing up everything, making plants grow by being watered, etc. Skipped over the compost thing for now, but was enjoying a great deal of success......until I hit the herbs. The herbs all share a singular plant. And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the one plant give the proper herbs. Everything, literally everything else from flowers to bushes, trees, allotment seeds, and fruit trees are working perfectly. Just this one thing I have been stumped on for a couple of days. Any tutorial on it has either only worked for a singular herb, still made it pick each type, or just not been there at all. Some assistance if anyone can? I know farming is not a big skill in RSPS, but I am one of those who love EVERYTHING working lol.
  2. So you might have wondered why Flax does not pick everywhere. Some clients even hard coding it in will not work. Here is a solution. In your client.java, search for (ctrl+f) // atObject2 A little below that, you should see this: [HTML] long now = System.currentTimeMillis(); boolean oFound = false; TurnPlayerTo(objectX, objectY); if ((objectID == 2646) && ((absX >= 2735) && (absX <= 2752)) && ((absY >= 3435) && (absY <= 3453))) { if (now - lastAction >= 900) { addItem(1779, 1); lastAction = now; } }[/HTML] Here is a run down of what you are looking at. [HTML]if ((objectID == 2646)[/HTML]This is the code for the Flax plant. Nothing anyone should not already know. [HTML]((absX >= 2735) && (absX <= 2752)) && ((absY >= 3435) && (absY <= 3453))) {[/HTML]What this is telling the client is whatever is being done in this code, can only happen within this area. Basically it is creating a square. [HTML]addItem(1779, 1)[/HTML] is telling it to give you one flax. There is only one thing that needs to be changed. [HTML] if ((objectID == 2646) && ((absX >= 1000) && (absX <= 10000)) && ((absY >= 1000) && (absY <= 10000))) {[/HTML] What this does, is sets it to where anything in this area will pick Flax. This pretty much covers the entire map (Dungeons and off map places included. It can also be done with other things such as cabbage, potatoes, etc. Just copy the code and place it directly under the first one. Hope this helps the new peeps who have wanted things like this to work everywhere. Sorry if it has been posted before. I have never seen it.
  3. I have created a handler for objects, to make more room in the client. And I got it to compile successfully. When I clicked on the object I placed into it, it kind of glitched a second like it was going to work but then nothing happened. So it is 50/50 working, and I am wondering where the error is, since there is no error. This is what I made for the handler: This also has the one code I have put into it. [HTML]public class objectclicking { public void objectclicking(int ID,int objectID,int absX,int absY) { client c = (client) server.playerHandler.players[ID]; //begin objects if(objectID == 4499){ c.toX = 2807; c.toY = 10001; c.heightLevel = 0; } //end object }//end void }//end handler[/HTML] Then in the server.java it was placed under [HTML]public static ArrayList<Object> objects = new ArrayList<Object>();[/HTML] as well as [HTML]itemHandler = new ItemHandler();[/HTML] In the client it was placed in case: 132 shown here. [HTML]int xDiff = Math.abs(absX - objectX); int yDiff = Math.abs(absY - objectY); boolean found = false; resetAction(false); TurnPlayerTo(objectX, objectY); updateRequired = true; appearanceUpdateRequired = true; long time2 = System.currentTimeMillis(); if (time2 - globalCooldown[0] <= 50) { sM("Action throttled... please wait longer before acting!"); server.objectclicking.objectclicking(playerId,objectID,absX,absY); <----(here)[/HTML] Kind of happy that I made something that has no errors, but unhappy that it doesn't work. I know it is something very small, but just cannot get it to work. If anyone can lend advise or direct me to a tutorial on creating handlers, I would be happy as all git. There is a object handler one in Runelocus, but it does not work in my client. Too many errors.
  4. For some time, this was a little perplexing. I am new to coding about 6 months in. I finally figured this out, and decided to add it for anyone else who is new to coding, and does not know how to do this. Ok, first you will have your initial click on the object and first right click choice to do. Search for this in client.java: // go upstairs if (true) { Under this, you will find a code string starting with this: if ((objectID == 1747) || (objectID == 1750)) { stairs = 1; skillX = objectX; skillY = objectY; stairDistance = 1; } else if (objectID == 1738) { The stair code you are trying to make work goes in this first else, if it is a circular stair, or ladder that goes directly up. You need to separate the ID's with ||. Let me show you a example with one of these actual stairs in place here. } else if ((objectID == 1738 || objectID == 1748)) { (Remember to add the second () on each side or it will error) Placing this here, gives you the click on object 1748, as well as allowing the first right click option to work. Now here is where problems arise. You will notice under this string is a second string for going downstairs. Naturally you would want to place the code here as well.... DON'T Instead, search the client (control+F) for (case 252: ) or (// atObject2) Under this, look for long now = System.currentTimeMillis(); boolean oFound = false; TurnPlayerTo(objectX, objectY); Paste this directly below it. if (objectID == 1748) { stairs = 1; skillX = objectX; skillY = objectY; stairDistance = 1; } This will take care of the second right click option, which is a option to go upstairs as well. Now you need one more. Look for this (case 70: ) or (// atObject3) Now look for the following: boolean oooFound = false; TurnPlayerTo(objectX, objectY); for (Object o : server.objects) { if ((o.type == 3) && (objectX == o.x) && (objectY == o.y) && (objectID == o.id)) { oooFound = true; break; } } Right under this, paste the following: if (objectID == 1748) { stairs = 2; skillX = objectX; skillY = objectY; stairDistance = 1; } And this will take care of the final right click option, allowing you to go back down the stairs. And there you have the workings of making the pesky up & downstairs work. There is one issue making this 99% working. When it involves stairs (not ladders) you have to be on the south side of them for it to work for some reason. I do not know why and cannot figure out how to change it. Otherwise it is perfectly working. It is my very first snippet. I am sorry if it is messy or hard to understand. If anyone has questions, or cannot get it to work let me know. As time allows, I will try and get more on that I have been learning how to do. It is 317, and not too many people like them anymore. But I am finding it a great place to begin coding, and a lot of fun.
  5. I am wondering how to add immunity to poison for a set amount of time for anti-poisons. (+ & ++) This is the coding that I have, and no matter what I have tried, I cannot get it to function quite right. //Anti-Poison Potion case 2446: if (System.currentTimeMillis() -c.potionDelay < 2000) return; c.foodDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); if (c.inTrade) { c.sM("You can't do this in trade."); return; } c.potionDelay = System.currentTimeMillis(); c.setAnimation(0x33D); c.sM("You drink a dose of the Anti-Poison."); c.deleteItem(2446, slot, 1); c.addItem(175, 1); c.poisoned = false; c.poisonDmg = false; break; I got the curing the poison down really good. But I cannot figure out how to code immunity to it. Would not mind it in some other items such as rings or necklaces lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Yeah. I was taught to give thanks to help and assistance whenever it is given. Did not notice it was a year old, and really don't give a shit either. It is called manners and showing curtsey and respect to others. Something the generations now a days have little if any of.
  7. Icereign2 this was a fantastic code. I thank you for allowing the public to use it. I placed it in, and it works wonderfully. I will of course be changing codes to Weapon Poison, and others of the similar nature. But it works 100% I appreciate this immensely, and it has also opened doors in the ability to separate out other things into different pages. Great work!
  8. Spent a long time last night and today looking across several forums on tuts to make potions work. Can someone direct me to the right places I might be able to find these? would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I left this one alone for a long time, until the packet became too full, and now it is time to ask. In my usedonobject case, I have anvils, furnaces, farming, grain grinding, etc. What I discovered when putting in the farming was to place all objects in one code made the entire series of herbs or fruit crop from one. An example is the code used to draw water from the sink using either a vial or jug. When either item is used the item disappears, but I get one of each. Same if I put all the furnaces together, or anvils etc. And the crazy thing is I do not have to have both items, they just appear. } if(UsedOnObjectID == 9684 || UsedOnObjectID == 9143 || UsedOnObjectID == 8699 || UsedOnObjectID == 6151 || UsedOnObjectID == 4063 || UsedOnObjectID == 874 || UsedOnObjectID == 873 && ItemID == 229){ deleteItem(229, 1); addItem(227, 1); sM("You draw water from the sink."); } if(UsedOnObjectID == 9684 || UsedOnObjectID == 9143 || UsedOnObjectID == 8699 || UsedOnObjectID == 6151 || UsedOnObjectID == 4063 || UsedOnObjectID == 874 || UsedOnObjectID == 873 && ItemID == 3732){ deleteItem(3732, 1); addItem(1937, 1); sM("You draw water from the sink."); } I have tried every means I know how to separate them, so this does not happen, but there has been no success. I tried the } } between them, as well as break; Even the dual } } Any help would be greatly appreciated. I could knock my coding from somewhere close to 150 down to about 30 hard codes if this can be accomplished. I can say who ever had this originally this code has got to be wrong...
  10. Thank you for the help, it was very beneficial! I was not paying any attention to the int and the boolean when I was doing it. Now I feel a little stupid, but thanks again! The code when implemented into the client has credit to you IceyHost :)
  11. I was wondering if anyone could figure this out. I had chosen to make the combo runes (Mud, lava, Mist, Etc) work as the runes they represent, similar to the way elemental staffs work. However the difficulty has proven more than I figured it would. What I decided was in the public boolean playerHasItem(int itemID) { I would set myself up right under the staffs. It looks essentially like this for the staffs: public String playerStaff(){ String staffType = "NONE"; switch(playerEquipment[playerWeapon]){ case 1405://Mystic Air Staff case 1381://Staff of Air case 1397://Air Battlestaff staffType = "AIR"; break; case 1403://Mystic Water Staff case 1383://Staff of Water case 1395://Water Battlestaff staffType = "WATER"; break; case 1401://Mystic Fire Staff case 1387://Staff of Fire case 1393://Fire Battlestaff staffType = "FIRE"; break; case 1407://Mystic Earth Staff case 1385://Staff of Earth case 1399://Earth Battlestaff staffType = "EARTH"; break; } I figured since the staffs would work in this premiss, the runes should as well, and this is where the one single issue has come into play. The whole switch(){ Has been nothing but misery. I have tried everything from playerhasitem() to itemID ==**** to even creating a combo rune int in the item. Nothing seems to make them function in the place of the other runes as the staffs do. It is the only error I get as the other codes are fine. Including the public boolean playerHasItem(int itemID, int amt) { Codes that are implemented to make it work...... Any assistance in this little issue would be greatly appreciated. And thank you!
  12. Working on the Agility Pyramid SW of Nardah. Doing fine going from ground to 1st, 1st-2nd, and 2nd-3rd floor. When I tried to go from 3rd-4th floor, it sends me to everywhere but the next floor. If it is written as a if (objectid, it will send me two floors down. Done as a stair case, and it sends me all the way to the ground. Is there not a 4th floor, despite me seeing another ledge, and set of stairs one floor up? I have it put in object form as heightLevel = 4;.....any suggestions? Edit: Took a day or so, but I got it figured out. Makes the 6th agility course that will be available in the game along with Gnome, Barbarian, Wilderness, and Ape Atoll [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/k9ujqr.jpg[/IMG]
  13. [quote name='steph1234']hi i was wondering if you could maybe send me the link at [email][email protected][/email]? so i caould test it?[/QUOTE] It is not online atm. Probably will not be done so until I release it to the website. By that time I am hoping to figure out a way to run it from my websites server, rather than trying to find a client for it. [quote name='Redemptionz']this isnt bad dude good luck[/QUOTE] Thank you!
  14. I am working on my first real solo project with the help of my dear friend Catsmeow. I am calling it Fantasy Kingdom, as it will be a game for the visitors of my website to come and play. After playing our friends game for a while, Cats and I decided on several things we wanted to be different. 1 - Skip a Skill Area. Why would you even bother? There is so much out in the world to allow you to skill about anything. Bunching it up into one place makes exploration less likely and completes skills much faster, leading to the other issue. 2 - There is usually only the main bosses, and 2-5 dungeons of enemies. All can be reached by teleport. Otherwise there is nothing out there. And with the teleports, there is not any need for explorations or discovery. So we decided to do it a little bit different. I am planning on releasing it to my website on its 7th Anniversary (Dec 19th). It gives me a full year to make everything the way we want it. I am putting this up in hopes of getting feedback on the progress thus far. Please do not flame too hard, as this is in fact the first client/Source I have been able to work on on my own without someone else calling the shots. We decided over time that the older look was not what we wanted, so we spent over a week getting the gaming frame changed out for the more sharper version. Though people might not like the change, it is only game frame related....the game itself remained the same. I feel that more younger people want the sharper more modern look as it is. Just seems smarter lol. Now for some media: A complete sailing ability has been added. A few go back and forth, while there is also a outer ring that you can travel around Back and forth Catherby <->Entrana Boat E. of Ardounge <-> Fishing Platform Rellekka <-> Miscellenia Rellekka <-> Waterbirth Isle Boat W. of Tree Gnome Stronghold <-> Piscatoris Fishing Colony Port Sarim Southern Gangplank <-> Void Knight Oupost And the singular travelers Port Sarim Mid Gangplank -> Ardounge Port Sarim Upper Gangplank -> Catherby Ardounge -> Brimhaven And the traveling Ring: Port Khazard -> Brimhaven -> Port Sarim -> Mos Le Harmless -> Port Phasmatys -> Port Khazard Also have included the canoe sailing up and down the main river between Lumbridge and the wilderness (img below) Though I do not have you go through the whole chopping down the log, and making the boat thing....ugh lol You reach the abyss by means of using the amulets on the respective land altars, which teleport you there. You can then continually go through crafting runes. To leave, use the city teleport system. Removes the need for the mage of zamgarozk as a teleporter. He will simply be in the abyss selling rune essenses. Each of the General Stores in the map have shop owners, including the unique ones for the more unique areas....Canifis, Mort'ton, Phasmatys, etc. Also the Plate Armor, Legs, Helmet, Shield, and Mining shops are in their respective areas. Tannery's are in their respective places, and also in complete working order. You can tan leather, hard leather, and dragon hides. Afterwards you get to craft them of course! Speaking of, all herb seeds work in herb farming patches. Am working on getting the fruit, flowers, and trees working as well. Skipping out the bushes, since there is really no need to protect your crops lmao. I have completed the 6 obelisk teleport system in the wilderness. Now there is virtually no where in the wilderness you cannot go. Eliminates the need for having KBD and Mage Bank teleports. That and the teleport lever in Ardounge that goes to the abandoned keep also eliminates the need for Mage Bank telporting in the menu. The city teleport inside the menu has been set to include: Outpost, Rellekka, Falador, Canifis, Nardah, and Yanille. This covers every aspect of the map, thus removing the need for Slayer Tower, Barrows, Fight Arena, Duel Arena, and Fire Pits teleports. These traveling abilities mixed with the Gnome Glider assures there is no need for teleporting to important things through the menu. You might have to walk just a little ways, or travel on two types of transport. This is the canoe sailing interface completed. I kept the locations the same as RS [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/so4jex.jpg[/img] This is my Godwars Bosses. Minions pics are coming soon [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2nk5q2o.jpg[/img] This is going to be the entrance to the Godwars dungeon [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/4uz1xc.jpg[/img] This is the Godwars Portal, that will lead to the different locations of the bosses. I have no kill count, or at least do not know how to make it work atm, so you are just going to get bombarded with a lot of minions and Mages lol [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/mrtphd.jpg[/img] My Kalphite Queen in her room. Fully working holes and ropes. Requires the rope to enter both levels. [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/ih8orb.jpg[/img] This is a full RS map, showing my transportation availability. White - Wilderness Ring Grey - City Teleport via the magic panels Red - Ardounge teleport to the Abandoned Keep Dark Blue - Sailing availability. Arrows show how the traveling goes Light Blue - Canoe route Light Green - Gnome Glider route Brown - Keldagrim via cave entrances Pink - Keldagrim via Mine carts Yellow - Transport to Zanaris (Dramen Staff required) [url]http://i41.tinypic.com/5zifia.jpg[/url] Rather than just giving the Godswords, I have decided to make it to where you have to acquire the shards to make them. Shown here in the stages as well as final 4 products [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/21wh6s.jpg[/img] -ALL map area except for 25% of Lumbridge and 65% of Varrock is completely open. You can literally go anywhere on the map. Well, save for the places that require certain skillsets. -Fully opened dungeons are springing up now too. This includes: *Dagannoth Dungaon from one end to the other. [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/301ngxu.jpg[/IMG] *Kalphite Queen dungeon all floors (And you need the rope to enter) [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/15xajir.jpg[/IMG] *Pyramid (Desert Treasure I think) *Troll Stronghold as well as all trollwiese. Includes the rock obsticles and everything. *Keldagrim open. New entrance on the north side at the top of the ice path, since the other is not accessible in this client due to map issues. [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/biweo8.jpg[/IMG] *Proper KBD lair and lava maze -All altars work and are in game including Astral (Astral is ofc missing) Also the combination runes are crafted as well [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2lthe2a.jpg[/IMG] -Flax, onions, wheat, potatoes, Banana's, Pineapples, and cabbage can be picked ANYWHERE in the map -All hides sew their respective armors [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/s2777o.jpg[/IMG] -can cook and eat 20 different fish from shrimps and anchovies to Sea Turtle and Manta Rays [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/2i1e0li.jpg[/IMG] -can now fish 15 of them -can craft most items that craft, and about 50% complete on crafting silver and gold items with their molds -Fully functioning Gnome Glider transportation Varrock, Al Kharid, White Wolf Mtn, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Karamja, and Feldip Hills [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2is8jfr.jpg[/IMG] -Fully functioning agility in Barbarian, gnome, and wilderness. about 12% on the pyramid -Full Godwars...though not in the right map. Is technically not allowed in this version.....but I got it in there. It now resides in that place called Prffidnis or something like that. You know that huge waste of space up there north of Lletya - Fully opperational interface with level accomplishments. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/1zvbxg6.jpg[/IMG] As more becomes available or is added, I will update. But let me know what you all think. Really could use the input on the project :) Update: Added Ape Atoll, Barbarian, canifis, and Pyramid Agility Courses making the total available 6 [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/k9ujqr.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/35btt0m.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2q9e80x.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/29z9e7a.jpg[/IMG] Edit 2-4-12: Sailing includes multiple options at each location. 2-5 depending. I have included 3 new ports as well 1 = Tyras Camp (This has a port in the current RS, but in our version it does not exist) 2 = Keldagrim. The northern boatman also offers sailing to Rellekka and Tyras Camp in the outer ring of sailing. 3 = Menaphos. Since there is absolutely NOTHING there, I decided to clear the bridge from Sophanem. I added a few stalls to represent shops and such. Kind of like the market area of Sophanem since there is none really there. [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/dms9kw.png[/IMG] Mos Le Harmless now also has a new location. The gates that are there take you to and from just south of the gnome glider in Feldip Hills. Basically Mos Le is now south of Gul'Tanoth. The magic teleport basically has no use now, as most places can be reached by means of some walking and transportation. I have narrowed the magic transport to locations down to Ape Atoll (might change if I add a port there) Falador, Varrock, my Outpost, and of course my home. The remaining tele's go to MY training area, and the Chill Zone I made for people to hang out at and just relax. Here is the Spirit Tree teleport, which is now fully functioning [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/14xldhy.png[/IMG] The Magic Carpet...complete with a nice nod to Aladdin when you travel. Fully functioning [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/n2fy8n.png[/IMG] Godwars is complete... Minions fight with you in the Pffridins or whatever it is called in the northern elven area. Somewhere in that area is the tunnel to the gods. The gods are on their Island to the east. Before going out there into the unknown parts, there are shops and banks for you to stock up and re-supply on. That way if you do miss something or forget, you do not have to trek to Lletya (Need 50 agility) or Ardounge to get it. I have also set it up to where if you die, you return to the shop area, rather than home. A entirely new, completely different tutorial and beginning are done. You begin and end on Crash Island. You will learn to mine, fight, magic, fishing, woodcutting fire-making, cooking, & banking. The rest is up to you. When you finish the tutorial and arrive in the game for the first time, you will be announced across the game world. I believe this will get more interaction between the players, as well as letting any staff that is online able to call out and give any help if needed. [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/os4igy.png[/IMG] You can now grow (And thus use) Tree Spirits in the tree spirit patches in Etcetria, Brimhaven, and Port Sarim. (The tree spirit is now the smaller one) When you use it, or leave the area, the tree vanishes, thus requiring you to plant another one (85 farming) [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2rfrjtx.png[/IMG] All within a day or so work total. I have slowed down some due to a new website for a client, moving, and other minor things, but I am not done. Everything is trucking smoothly, and greatly. With a double client so to speak, the removal or combination of over 100 hard codes in the game, I am doing a lot of the minor things such as growing tree spirits, churning milk into->___________, glass blowing, silver/gold smithing, battlestaff->magicstaff, etc. And it will be done. UPDATE 2-27-12 A lot of things have been added and completed now. And it just keeps getting easier and easier to figure out and get done lol. By the time it is released I might choose to go to a newer version, and make it as functional for my website. :) But here is what is now completed as well - All crafting from the Gold/Silver bars -> Jewelry, and silver items completed. - With a slight change from RS, all jewelry that can be enchanted is enchantible. (Not a word but hey) - Amulet of Glory 100% with degrading effect. (Refill as with all Dragonstone enchantments at the Guild) - 100% Cooking, or all cooking available for my 317 complete. I think frog legs are left lol. - 100% Herblore for ALL potions including 2nd ingredients - 100% usage of the Pestle and Mortar on items that require it - 100% Churning and creating flour from grain (Fantasy Kingdom's way lol. Skip the having to go back downstairs to get it) - 100% Snake Skin crafting. Had to create it myself, since I think my client is too old for the crafting of snake skins) - Fairy Ring Teleportation to 5 locations. (7 counting the entrance and exit) (Fairy Rings outside of the two in the city are not in the client map.) And of course it requires the Dramen Staff to use - 100% Weapon poisoning for all possible weapons - 85% all potions are working - 100% functioning smithing interface - 100% working smelting interface - All talismans work on their respective altars and break when used - All talismans can be fused with Tiara's that are used on the respective altars without breaking - All Altars are reachable from the map via their broken counterparts - 100% Runecrafting, including Fantasy Kingdom's version of the Astral Altar (Found on Candor Isle) - 100% Fishing in all locations across Fantasy Kingdom, utilizing all types of fishing equipment I am actually unsure if I am missing anything lmfao. I think this is it for now. I have discovered a little trick that will allow me to change stair settings to match what I want them to do, thus removing all hard codes for places such as Dagannoth Dungeon. And then it is on to even more stuff lol. Let me know what everyone thinks ok?
  15. I looked through the tuts, and could not find one on this (Sorry if I missed it) But how do you go about adding newer npcs, items, objects, etc to a 317?