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  1. [quote name='NotAturtle']Pc. not alot of games are made for mac platform[/QUOTE] WtfU talking About DUde, Mac is Gaming platform, u retard ;) Mac iS Gameing U cant Game Wthout mac LOL
  2. I think division.x1

  3. yo wuts ur skype

  4. lol

    Cube World

    a friend of mine created a cube world community to organise games/servers and things. yeah its a fun game. we were thinking of setting up a grinding server or some kind of private server. here's the site: [url=veximal.com]click here[/url]
  5. [quote name='Cart']Banned for huge signature that'll be removed soon.[/QUOTE] banned for being a dick
  6. yo nigga get a mac u get all games u can play all games all games run on mac,, mac is the best all games play on mac , it isgreat i have mac Get a mac U can play any game, any game is compatible, get Mac u ha bro
  7. lol

    Healthy breakfast

    haahdamn i eat