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  1. [quote name='squashy']Use ultrasurf or hotspot shield i know for sure they work because i have used them before and yeah using a vpn is annoying but you get use to it.[/QUOTE] Just tried both, not working. I'm trying to bypass Ultimatescape2.
  2. [quote name='squashy']normally a vpn would get around it.. what vpn did you use?[/QUOTE] I used spotflux, even if it worked, having to connect to a vpn all the time is annoying.
  3. I got IP banned on a rsps and i can't bypass it. I changed my IP by resetting my router. I tried using a VPN. I even used a different network connection. I even changed my mac address. I noticed that i'm not blocked on my virtual machine. I cleared the cache.
  4. Guyz add my msn: [email][email protected][/email] Tell me if u added me so i can know who can help me.
  5. [quote name='Scotticus']Add me on Skype Scott.parkinson ~ Wigan, UK[/QUOTE] Added you scottius
  6. i added u u havent accepted
  7. I got my server ready coded and i need to host it online. I would most likely HOst on a VPS. So i would like some1 to know how to use a VPS and shit. I just want it Online. Im paying with paypal will discuss price. Plz add my msn: [email][email protected][/email]
  8. [quote name='Naughty`']Client.java search "server" and replace the last two times where "server" appears.[/QUOTE] Client.java in the source or client? And i got alot of "server" searches idk where to put.
  9. [quote name='The Egg Pk'][url]http://www.no-ip.com/[/url] Sign up Go to [url]https://www.no-ip.com/members/dns/host.php[/url] Pretty self explanatory from there.[/QUOTE] Yea i already have one but idk how to link it to my server.
  10. I already made one on no-ip.com but i need to link it to my server....
  11. Need a Good VPS for my server. I want it easy to use because i dont know shit. tx
  12. Nigga' what film is that in your signature.

  13. 0.6 is my highest. Pm yes or no

  14. i can help with teamviewer..pm me if u want