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  1. *Skype Name: joshisadmin *Application Position: Beta/Staff/Asst. Dev Examples of Work: I don't have any examples at hand. Other Comments: I am looking for someone and others that enjoy running and working on a server. Not for monetary gain. I have ran 2 other servers that got up to 75+ almost daily. Add me on skype.
  2. That's all cool but, you can't connect thought the webclient.
  3. Will be joining, idk about that pker system but okay.
  4. Ive been coming to this website for almost 6-7 years? under a few different usernames now and then. It needs a over haul not some new make up and images
  5. Hey. I am looking for a hoster for a project I want to run. I want to run a 317 and see if we can get it going. Would be my frist rsps I have decided to run. We also need a programmer. Both positions would result in Admin rank in game and forum. please pm to talk over skype.lolking
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    let me find my bag of fucks to give real quick. brb awe man you know what, I am all outta those.