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  1. Looks really nice Does this have all dupes etc fixed?
  2. Ranks has been added! Video has been added in 'pictures'
  3. Why would you play Runescape at school?
  4. Currently adding ranks. I appericiate if you guys post critism or positive words :D
  5. Just edited the thread a lot and added pictures of some progress to the spoiler of 'Hows the dice' :)
  6. I'm currently converting this to .NET to have both frameworks. This is currently going very well!
  7. [quote name='Acrylix']Very basic but quite nice.[/QUOTE] Thanks, i can assure you, this is very very basic, and alpha release will be SO much better :D and have so much more features. :D
  8. 2,6 sided dice has now been added, thanks to Divine-X for some help :]
  9. [quote name='Divine-X']This is why you required my help XD?[/QUOTE] Hehe yeah, i know that i've needed some very basic information but i've begun to watch some podcasts and my goal is to achieve a application that has a Online chat support where people can dice duel eachother like they used to. With a lot of extra features ofc. :D but yeah, big thanks to Divine-X for helping me :)
  10. Adding a anti-virus pic would be useless as malicious code in java can't be scanned but W/E, you can take a pic if you want. Also idk where to post it, and this is for real Runescape? its a tool for dicing which is being developed.
  11. [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Dice - Version 1.0[/COLOR] Dice - Version 1.0 is a dice programmed in java. Just like Jagex's were made. This is totally free and is written in java so please do not accuse it of any viruses. [COLOR="#0000FF"]Dice - Version 1.0 includes.[/COLOR] Note: This is a BETA test of the dice, it is currently very basic and i'm going to update it alot. Dicing support ( percentile dice ) GUI [COLOR="#0000FF"]Dice - Version 1.1 will include.[/COLOR] GUI Dicing support ( Percentile dice ) Dicing support ( 2,6 sided dice ) ONLINE SUPPORT! (This includes a online chat system with ranks as: Legit dicer, which will be a paid feature which prevents people from scamming. ) [spoiler="Dice - Version 1.0 Pictures"]...[/spoiler] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Hows the dice - Version 1.0[/COLOR] This is a little bit more special and is programmed in .NET It will also be a freeware program but you get the option of buying the rank: 'Dicer' [COLOR="#0000FF"]Hows the dice - Version 1.0 includes.[/COLOR] Name registering option. Chat system ( Unfinished ) Dicing support ( Percentile and 2,6 sided dice ) Very nice looking GUI [COLOR="#0000FF"]Hows the dice - Version 1.1 will include.[/COLOR] Name registering option. Chat system Dicing support ( Percentile and 2,6 sided dice ) Very nice looking GUI Fully working ranks in the chat ( normal user and dicers ) [spoiler="Hows the dice - Version 1.0 Pictures"] Graphical user interface: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/pics/GUI.png[/img] 2,6 sided dice: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/pics/2%2C6sided.png[/img] Percentile dice: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/pics/percentile.png[/img] Chat system: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/pics/message.png[/img] Rank system: [video]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/pics/testing.wmv[/video] The chat system, as well as the dice system is launched from the 'Commands' button. [/spoiler] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Donations.[/COLOR] Donations are very well appreciated although we only take donations in RSGP. [COLOR="#0000FF"]Downloads.[/COLOR] Note: Do not mirror this download. If it gets broken PM me about it. Note: Please post opinions and suggestions! [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69134569/Dice%20Version%201.0.rar[/url]
  12. Well, that closed the main application too, which i don't want it to ;/
  13. Lol i have no idea how, i tried to add "return;" but doesn't affect anything :D
  14. It works now, but it doesn't return to the main application when clicked. It just opens a new messageBox instead.