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  1. [QUOTE]For one, he's not a hacker, you adolescent fool. He's a CRACKER. Which is an illegal activity when it comes to breaching security.[/QUOTE] Lol calm down
  2. No sorry, either have some other way to have these tools available, or dont post it.

  3. There will be no problems here. Get someone to test it?

  4. Honestly I cant have you posting that stuff if its an executable. We just dont know what really is inside and there has been too many past problems.

  5. [QUOTE]how was he the best hacker[/QUOTE] He was 15, hacked NASA and told them their program was crappy. Just makes me lol when I think about at 15 year old kid doing that... NAZA programmers got Trolledd
  6. No I don't think so.. I'll tell you what they do? The first one just creates a folder called 'plugins' where you tell it to. And the other one just changes a character files. I am so confident that you wont have problems with it that if you have any problems just ban me and delete my post? Also after clicking it just a quick VS?

  7. Mmmm, im not liking these executable files. I dont want to take chances with them. Is there a way you can do this without executable files?

  8. Can you do me a favor please and just confirm that my plugin downloads are not Viruses. Just leave a post for me :) Thanks Link: http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?57827-Architect-Plugins

  9. [quote name='Drain']such tasks dont need plugin systems[/QUOTE] Read what it says as to why you would need it.. I did say that if you have knowledge of RSPS then you would not need them. [QUOTE]How the fuck does this do it for you? Smells like a virus to me.[/QUOTE] It creates the files and edits them for you
  10. Read this artical and laughed when I saw what he had done at just 15 years old... [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_James[/url]
  11. It's in the Programming section at the bottom of the Forum. http://www.runelocus.com/forums/show...689#post513689

  12. You want to make a RSPS?

  13. Can you view my thread?