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  1. idk the exact method jss search first click lol youll see it, and for the actionhandler, yes the case number is the npc id
  2. add me on skype x25xquinton or m me ur details for TV
  3. Sorry, I can't modify your profile since I'm not admin right now.

  4. Lol add me on skype, x25xquinton
  5. This has been released and its an easy fix
  6. pkingbandit

    thieving help

    U dont add it in secondclick, its firstclcik :facepalm:
  7. btw add the actionhandler in firstclick method
  8. So im confused, it lets me go into VIP section but doesnt show im donor? Iam donor tho. Btw im sorry for everything

  9. Make a new case in dialogue then in actionhandler, make a new case witch will be the npc id, then c.getDH().sendDialogues(####, 0); the ## is the case in dialogue
  10. Just do like tinypic and make money off ads
  11. can you tell me why im on the scammer list?

  12. pkingbandit


    does your client.class show up? and yes i do
  13. pkingbandit


    you need to compile it so you have a client.class rofl