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  1. much appreciation to the mod who cleaned this thread. on a more important note, 60 online come check us out!
  2. come give ragefire-empire a gander! Warrior Guild: New Reward Shop added to Warrior guild, items include rune defender, dragon defender, flameburst defender, gold defender, lava defender, Kryptonite Defender, Mystery Box, and Ckey Pest Control: Pest control portals had their hp lowered, new rewards added to pest control shop, rewards include a Sceptre of Death, a Void knight Deflector, a 3rd age full helmet, fighter torso's dragon boots, bandos boots, and elemental whips Loyalty Shop: Ckeys and Mystery Boxes added to Loyalty Shop Summoning familiar following: familiar following was recoded, please report any issues in a post below Boss Modifications: Chaos Elemental + Barrelchest had a slight HP increase, necromancer had a slight modification to it's attack styles The Grim Reaper: Now drop's the "Swift Fury", a pair of akimbo hammers that deal double hits in P.V.M. damage
  3. come check out our content packed rsps at Ragefire-Empire - Endless Adventure awaits!
  4. it's good for your health come check us out
  5. .:: Ragefire-Empire Official Server Thread ::. .:: A message to New Players ::. It's advised for your own gaming experience, that you give Ragefire-Empire a try. .:: Does Ragefire-Empire have enough content ::. Ragefire-Empire has a list of features that only grows. Some quick features to note: 100+ Tasks, Player owned shops, custom weapons, custom bosses, custom player vs monster combat, custom player vs player combat, a friendly community, gambling, and so much more! .:: Will I be happy to be apart of the Ragefire-Empire Community ::. You will be ABSOLUTELY pleased. The staff members are helpful and understanding. Rules are strictly enforced to ensure a positive environment. The owner dedicates most of his time to fixing the game and adding new content. You will not regret joining Ragefire-Empire! ~~CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!~~ .:: Media ::. PLAYER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  6. Haven't bumped for days, friendly bump so players know that there are good servers out there!
  7. give us a shot guys you won't regret it. brand new 16gb dedi upgrade, check us out! smooth gaming 24/7
  8. [quote name='Thanatos']Use Animate skin, then customize the header.[/QUOTE] ight mate i willl thanks for the advice
  9. [quote name='Vesta Main']The homepage itself looks alright, it's unique in its own way. I think what Hope means is that the forums has default IPB theme and just about everyone that makes an RSPS and has IPB software use the default theme. (Assuming that's what Hope is speaking of, that's my opinion on your site.)[/QUOTE] the forums dont use default :s? [url]https://gyazo.com/81da1c3858f2a4408d834e0ba4cd0054[/url]