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  1. Haven't touched runescape or these in 3 years now. I might check your server out seems nice :)
  2. bigcasey , you like FoxNews dont ya?
  3. I am confused ... :S
  4. Well , i think a better way to start an argument would be by saying the following :- " As Osama was found in Pakistan , and American forces were operating in Pakistani ground. The Pakistan politicians and public is saying this is against the sovereignty of the nation, therefore the politicians are being pressurized into stop helping against the war of terror " I being a Pakistani can almost assure you that both nations need each other more than ever, this can be a turning point in their relationship making them stonger allies then before if Pakistani intelligence and army comes out in the open and lets the world know that " did they know that osama was hiding in abbotabad ". But if they do not come out in the open then this can lead to a lot of mistrust between the two nations. Off-Topic : I still believe that unless USA proves Osama's death they can't ask questions about whether he was in Pakistan , or is this just another tactic CIA has deployed in order to let US troops to start operating in Pakistan like they did in Afghanistan. Until Osama's death has not been proved properly we can't say that wether Pakistan will break the treaty or not :)
  5. Add some custom features of your own , otherwise you have done a good job fixing up the source.
  6. Just might join , but i am getting the feeling that it is leeched from some source i'v seen before ...
  7. I think i might need you :) Will talk to you on msn.
  8. Robin On Fire

    GCSE Options

    I opted for , Economics , Accounts , Sociology & Litrature. =/ I hated my life back then ... now i am doing A levels and its even worse.
  9. Banned because what the fuck does having 25 internets mean , and i even gave you one.
  10. Obviously Obama will win the election. Physically he may not have killed Osama , but he was one of the minds behind the plans of his death. He odered the CIA to put Osama in their #1 priority. Because the house that Osama was living in (Bilal Town , Abbotabad - I live near there) was being watched since mid-feb , pakistani intelligence had informed CIA that a HIGH VALUE target is located. Technically Obama SHOULD win the next elections.
  11. Other than site , this server is a hybrid pvp leech , these douche bags will just get donations out of it. There are 100s of dspk leeches which are much better then this. An important question , did you fix TDs and CORP?
  12. i am hosting also now.
  13. Other than fixing dspk , which almost anyother leech does. What new stuff have you added?
  14. Amazing server , an absolute must TRY. I can't describe how awsome it is , but you should see for your self !