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  1. Not even the real Kai, fuck off.
  2. Plz guyz!! I rllyy need owner so I don't go bck to prison! If I go bck to prizen then..theze guyz will beat me up! :confused: SUpport pLZ!
  3. Bug

    CartCartCart <3

  4. Bug

    Client Run Error

    My friend gets this error when running..I wasn't able to figure this out though it's probably common sense to most of you. Help please :) [img]http://gyazo.com/4657c36ddb600be6679ba54c5067305a.png[/img]
  5. well the chrystler inc. owns dodge so i can't really hate on them..but my family and i are really big dodge fans. :3 ford chevy = wannabes
  6. Thanks for CSS ;) [quote name='ihateduckface12']Umm how do i post it on the web?[/QUOTE] Upload it to your website host with FileZilla or another FTP program.
  7. elloo, It's Bug here from [url]www.ZenithScape.com/forums/[/url] and I really cannot develope all the website all by myself. So far it has been all me and a very little help from King Zenith. Please apply and show some of your work below if you are interested in helping me ;) Tnx.
  8. Instead of just plain old, "317" to put before the thread name, we should allow users to set a custom one in the Snippets/Tutorials/Help section in RuneScape Private Servers ex. [COLOR="#A52A2A"]Project Insanity 317[/COLOR] How to add Dragon Claws to your server!
  9. [quote name='hashed']bug seriously go get some programming tutorials, what you're asking is like the most simple errors to resolve. :facepalm:[/QUOTE] :rolleyes: im 2 lazy
  10. Can you not read? <[B]Unknown Source[/B]>
  11. Something is most likely wrong with your cache or something.
  12. Alright, but now I get this -_- [code]ItemDef.java:243: error: incompatible types itemDef.description = "A weapon from the Abyss, interlaced with a vicious jade v ine."; ^ required: byte[] found: String ItemDef.java:261: error: incompatible types itemDef.description = "Use on an abyssal whip for added oomph!"; ^ required: byte[] found: String [/code]