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  1. danr96

    How To Patch A Dupe!

    [quote name='i own u kid'][b][font=arial black][size=4]it would depend on what dupe it is.[/size][/font][/b][/QUOTE] How Would You Dupe A Certain One Like Not One In Perticular i mean like how would u patch/fix one in genral... any sort of one then i get the idea of how to patch all kinds of dupe
  2. danr96

    How To Patch A Dupe!

    [CENTER][B][SIZE=6][/SIZE][SIZE=5][/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black]I Found A Dupe On My Server And Dont Know How To Patch/Fix![/FONT][/B][/CENTER] [B][SIZE=4]I Found A Dupe In My Server And Tried Look For A Tutorial On How To Fix/Patch It I Was Wondering If Anyone In The Runelocus Community Would Know How To Fix/Patch A dupe Regards, -- DarkPkz --[/SIZE][/B]