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  1. [quote name='Josh'][B]HEY GUYS! GUYS! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU AND INSULT YOU USING COMPUTER PHRASEOLOGY! AREN'T I COOL? OH AND I SMOKE WEED TOO. JUST LOOK AT MY SIGNITURE. IT MAKES ME SUPER SUPER COOL.[/B] That's what you sound like in this thread. The other kid looks like more of a faggot than you are (lul I r anno, do not forgive do not forget) and it seems everyone hates him, but he isn't being a dick for an apparent lack of reason.[/QUOTE] this although if you looked at my signature it says anonware on the back which is a website i support and contribute to on a daily basis
  2. fatmess

    help please!

    go to data, then savedgames, then then your name click it and hit crtl f and put rights and find this:<rights>0</rights> and change it to this:<rights>2</rights> next time use google :P
  3. [quote name='Countryboyaj']Bump please somebody help me... :([/QUOTE] [quote name='Countryboyaj']Bump[/QUOTE] bump every 24 hours [code]OutOfBoundsException[/code] it is as it says, out of bounds exception, look through the java docs and find a fix :)
  4. [quote name='mohammeda']hi i have acrylicx server and client if i want to play with friends how can i ?????? please respond as fast as you can guys skype: mohammed.khalaila3[/QUOTE] dont ask people to "respond as fast as you can" especially when you have not contributed to the community, we are not here to just help you. OT: you need to portforward and setup your cache to auto-download. plenty of tutorials on it or pay someone to do it
  5. [quote name='Pickaxe'][CENTER][IMG]http://zecia.net/themes/Sleek/logo.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [U]Purpose of Zecia[/U] Zecia is an online anime community. Users can watch english dubbed anime for free, unlike most websites that host free dubbed anime Zecia is much more user friendly and interactive. By interactive I mean, users can earn achievements or complete quests from watching anime or doing things around the site. The majority of websites that do post english dubbed anime do not provide a forum for their users or frequent visitors. Zecia has provided a forum for its users to relax, chat, and talk about anime or other things. Soon Zecia will launch a anime wiki, fully integrated into the website. We're currently working on Project ZStream, which is where the users of Zecia can watch anime on the site. Part 2 of Project ZStream is where users can complete quests or earn achievements from interacting with Project ZStream. [SPOILER='Images of Zecia'][IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/tyhty_zps63a3f102.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/34r43_zpsbcd5815d.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l593/neckcuta1/45t45_zpsc23d8618.png[/IMG][/SPOILER] [B]I would like your opinions of this idea, and thoughts on my current progress.[/B] Seeing as this isn't an advertisement board, if you're interested please PM me. :)[/QUOTE] anime isnt really my thing but still the website looks nice and clean i wish you luck with your wiki, they are a huge pain in the ass :P
  6. [quote name='Christopher`']You see, you're too simple minded. You're like that [I]really[/I] slow, [I]really[/I] shitty Windows 2000 computer with 256mb of RAM[/QUOTE] [img]http://static4.fjcdn.com/comments/Wow+yay+we+can+get+another+girl+to+kill+themselves+_7c5a8ddddb9c07448b2364a2d59d77c0.jpg[/img] [quote name='Murilirum'] I'm not even sure what the focus of RuneLocus is anymore, it's pretty much dead, but you can get runescape awards? we need some sort of direction or change. Whether you do this for teh lolz or for a purpose, either give it a focus or take it down.[/QUOTE] its not dead, the tutorials,snippets,client hacking,configuration,show-off sections are dead the help section is very much still popular and as for the downloads section it is not as active as run3-s3rv3rs and mopars but i agree, runelocus needs some direction, but certainly should not shut down
  7. [quote name='Christopher`']You might have a difficult time understanding my jargon. It's not for the simple minded.[/QUOTE] i probably would, shame i pride myself in helping people develop private servers and not being a "24/7 twat" as it where
  8. [quote name='Christopher`']Besides the fact you literally help nothing, and you're a useless cunt.[/QUOTE] 3 days of inboxes + i deleted another 13 messages [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/G3vlup.jpg[/img] could you please direct me to a thread where you have helped someone ? or even been slightly considerate ?
  9. [quote name='Christopher`']Wait, why the fuck are you back.[/QUOTE] im back because ive returned to the runelocus community to help the newbies, problem ?
  10. been a while since i released anything so here it goes- 1) download the following things [url]http://rsps-tutorials.com/jarmaker.zip[/url] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]this is your jar maker, i have uploaded this as the original has been taken down[/COLOR] [URL="http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javasebusiness/downloads/java-archive-downloads-javase6-419409.html#jdk-6u43-oth-JPR"]java[/URL] - [COLOR="#FF0000"]you need to download an older version of java because when people use your client if they have a lower version of java than it was built with they will get errors [/COLOR] [HR][/HR] 2) change your class-paths in your client folder and run your client and then compile it. - [COLOR="#FF0000"]this basically makes sure your client is compatible and fully compiled [/COLOR] [HR][/HR] 3)now its time to jar your client, load up the jar-maker by running the "jarmaker.bat" and you will see this interface [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/9xPPw7.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 4) we will start with the output directory, set your output directory as your jar-maker folder [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/B5IOdm.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 5) we now need to change the "output jar file" to client.jar [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/ny9ZAD.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 6) we now set our "input directory" to where our class files are in our client, mine look like this [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/GlbXZv.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 7)now click on "manifest template" and you will see a new screen, for the "main class" we will put "client" like this- [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/ahY0jq.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 8) so now your setup should look similar to this- [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/NGXVPL.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 9) now click "create jar" and it should say "jar created successfully" [HR][/HR] 10) now to sign it, click over to jar signer - [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/xUEgNn.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 11) the input jar file should look like this - [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/Ia1mgP.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 12) now for the "jar signer" you need to locate your jar signer, it is located in your jdk bin folder, yours may vary depending on your jdk type and OS platform - [COLOR="#FF0000"]C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_43\bin\jarsigner.exe[/COLOR] [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/rLmvee.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 13) now your keystore is located in the same place your jarsigner is but it is actually called the [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]keytool[/COLOR][/B], in the bin folder, so locate it and enter the location in on the jarmaker [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/BoSvXO.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 14) now click on generate keystore and you will see this interface- [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/9rFDNN.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 15) for the output keystore file put it somewhere you will remember and rename it to [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]keystore[/COLOR][/B], such as the desktop or jarmaker folder - [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/8NKU91.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 16) now enter an alias, public key and private key, make sure you write them down, and dont forget to delete the "keystore identities", now generate your keystore, it should now look like this- [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/S1W0Rg.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 17) now locate your keystore for the "keystore file" and enter your keystore alias, public and private key, your jar-maker interface should look like this - [img]http://rsps-tutorials.com/images/Y44JG7.jpg[/img] [HR][/HR] 18) now click sign jar and you should be all done, congratulations on jaring your client
  11. [quote name='Anthony`']1. Adding more ranks won't bring a significant amount of people back if that is the basis for your suggestion. 2. Search the word 'veteran' for the RSPS vet idea because there really isn't alot (... more like none) of people around here considered veterans. 3. Java Guru exists as an award. Having a rank for it is pointless and defeats the purpose of RL's current rank system.[/QUOTE] i didnt say it would bring "loads" of people back, i implied it might bring a few yeah i agree, but maybe the bar needs to be lowered abit to be considered a "veteran" because most of the old school developers have moved on to more advanced projects like p9D yes it does but IMO the awards system isnt half as good/appealing as a different colored name or a symbol next to your name i know its not the best suggestion ever posted but i thought it would generally benefit the community as a whole rather than it turning into a forum fight mainly because certain people have a grudge against me ( [MENTION=67852]317 Delta Coder[/MENTION] )
  12. [quote name='317 Delta Coder']I've never implied anything about you "leeching" on any thread nor posts. Also, I've never called you an un-trusted or scammer. [/QUOTE] pretty sure your the one that said this to me [quote name='317 Delta Coder'] Don't talk about "Rip" until you learn to stop downloading other sources, grabbing the code and putting it in "Your" source. [/QUOTE]
  13. [quote name='317 Delta Coder']I'ma stop this right here, I'm not trying to seek a fight. Also, nothing on here counts about my post count, I could care less about my post count. [B]On Topic:[/B] If you were not seeking it for yourself, you wouldn't be posting this thread.[/QUOTE] you clearly are because everytime you reply to a thread of mine its either to call me a leecher or a scammer OT: i posted this thread because i had a suggestion to benefit the [B][U]COMMUNITY[/U][/B] not myself [quote name='Ikiliki']I'm starting to get the feeling as if you haven't changed nor learned from your ban...[/QUOTE] i have not gone back to my old ways at all, im just sick of seeing delta either calling me a leecher, scammer, un-trusted member,etc
  14. [quote name='Citellum']Add in eclipse and delete the compilers. [URL]http://eclipse.org/downloads/[/URL] Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers[/QUOTE] no. just no. because then there will be 100000 help topics on how to setup eclipse.
  15. [quote name='Ikiliki']Why is it always you who suggests things that you're seeking for yourself? [/QUOTE] im not seeking for them myself, if i wanted a fancy title and a little shitty reward below my name i would go back to powerbot and continue script writing, it was just a suggestion. no need to be dicks about it. maybe this is why no new people stay on runelocus because 3/4 of you think just because you have a post count you have the right to slate other peoples ideas/work