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  1. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    [quote name='Intensive Tony']Dude i gived u the file name + what to do god damnit..[/QUOTE] I know, but i did 'Ctrl+f' and it couldn't find any of them... -.- [quote name='Carrscape']Dude, stop being so lazy. Find a tutorial on how to add *10 to NPCs. Go throughout the whole entire tutorial and add whatever you're missing.[/QUOTE] Lazy? Give over. I looked, Emily removed. Now cya.
  2. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    What do i do? Anyone?
  3. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    [quote name='Intensive Tony']I think in playervsplayer + playervsnpc.java And all p.hit(meleedamge); Change to p.hit(meleedamage)*10;[/QUOTE] It says 'Cant find' any of them what you posted :S
  4. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    [quote name='kuzbear']yea just find a tut and find the bit to add *10 to hitting npcs :). if i wasnt getting my server ready for hosting i would help u with it :)[/QUOTE] Well if you can help me, pm me:) [quote name='Mike']Always make a backup before changing something.. Or use Eclipse so you can always undo changes :p[/QUOTE] I can't use Eclipse, i don't know how to use it haha. And i do make backups, but i FORGOT what file it was:L
  5. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    I don't know if i actually need a tut, just i cant hit npcs *10, but they can hit me *10?:S
  6. Jared UK

    I'm So Stupid

    Ok, a while ago, i was testing my 562 loading 659 server without *10 hits.. i removed something which stopped *10 hits. However, i want *10 back.. and i don't know where i removed it, or what i removed :fp: Can anyone help? I feel so fucking stupid its unreal :'(
  7. Can you put on WHAT to change, as like me, i don't want to replace my .java file :S
  8. Whats wrong with this?:S [code] [2011/11/30 08:40:25] [PvMscape]: PvMscape framework Exception in thread "PvMscape" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at com.rs2hd.Server.<init>(Server.java:71) at com.rs2hd.Main$1.run(Main.java:36) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 22001 at com.rs2hd.content.LoadEquips.<init>(LoadEquips.java:39) at com.rs2hd.GameEngine.<clinit>(GameEngine.java:96) ... 3 more Press any key to continue . . . [/code]
  9. Jared UK

    Changing Home

    Entity.java Object1PacketHandler.java Player.java CommandsPacketHandler.java CommandPacketHandler.java Config.java souldWarsObjects.java All will contain tele coords for home. basic stuff.
  10. [quote name='TasteScape']Funny thing is, I'm kinda new to coding and I already know how to do all this stuff... Only thing I don't know right know is where to put those 2 parts of a cache into this... I may sound stupid but I just started coding Java a month ago. It'd be nice to find out where this is supposed to go EXACTLY.[/QUOTE] L2EDITPOSTS! Thats 3 fucking posts, in one and its not my thread, but rules are NO DOUBLE POSTS. OR TRIPPLE.
  11. [quote name='Intensive Tony']Is it 1 click pickup?[/QUOTE] Near enough.
  12. Jared UK

    Updating Mapdata

    Did you: >Delete all of the data inside unpacked(folder)? >Delete packed.dat? >Paste ALL of the new data into the unpacked folder?
  13. [quote name='Nouish'][CODE]if (itemId == ####) { } else if (itemId == ####) { } else if (itemId == ####) { }[/CODE] Should be enough for you to solve this in the easiest way.[/QUOTE] Thanks, but tbh im not skilled enough to finish this, what i would like is that i see the code that is correct and works for what i want it to do, then i can look at that, refer to it, learn from it, and become a better coder. And NO ONE would ever do that on here i dont think, so im stuck :'( Thankyou so much for helping with part of it, massive help. Jared:)
  14. Jared UK

    GFX for logging in

    I suggest you use a Loyalty Emote and GFX :)
  15. [quote name='rammstien']Client link down? :([/QUOTE] Just find my other comment with a decompiled client ready for you. On like page 7 idk :S