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  1. Looks ok I guess, a lot of servers have the same shops and what not gets kind of boring.
  2. What happened to this server? just disappeared...
  3. Yeah he just bumped up prices even though holy cow can prob do it better lmao.
  4. Looks good I'm going to try it out? Did you just release it?
  5. Don't like the ways of becoming staff as it is easy to achieve and already I can tell you have an over crowded staff team for the amount of players you have, just beware you are going to have tons of staff hunters coming on to your sever.
  6. The client does not work for me, changed my JDK to right fitting in compiler, nothing works.
  7. Mozilla is fastest for me!
  8. Seasonsdawn


    well I wouldnt call him a genious in the military section considering he repeated exactly what Napoleon did at the battle of waterloo.. Hitler did the same exact thing as him at the Battle of Stalingrad. History repeats itself!
  9. You should make a highscores, that would bring you in a lot of players, ill come join and take a look as long as drop rates are some what high?
  10. I would be happy to code for you as long as 50% of donations come to me and you get other 50% add my hotmail.. [email][email protected][/email]..