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  1. I love this game, just got it, still learning how to play it
  2. Thank you, I will send a message to them both. I really appreciate it
  3. Requesting if someone could please make me some kind of picture/banner with my daughters name and love hearts and possibly some bunnys, her favourite toy was a bunny. Something to put as a background on my computer screen so we can see it everyday when we turn on the computer. name - Harlow Background pictures - Bunnys and love hearts It would mean the world to my partner and also myself. My daughter Harlow passed away from 'Sids' cot death. She was 4 months old. It's been such a terrible month for us. Anything to keep us reminded of our first beautiful baby girl would be much appreciated. Thank you guys.
  4. Add some pictures so I can see what the go is; obviously not just for my sake, but for everyone.
  5. I make several hundred a month from my server.
  6. Remember me? I was admin for acouple weeks afew months ago,
  7. Completly horrible server. The owner is 12, no one on the server can code, they don't even have veng. He's just in it for donations to use IRL. Fail.org