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  1. What is RS

    Zenith Source

    I need help finding the file in Zenith's source that gives the animation for running (the player run anim)
  2. What is RS

    Client help

    I'm good at coding the source and editting, and I can find things. But the client is where I always have issues. I'm using a Zenith source+client, and I'd like some help on setting up the IP, the No-IP, and jarring the client for others. I will pay if I need to. Msg me or comment your skype so we can chat please.
  3. My ip's are all correct, everything is setup however, the client won't connect. It loads til the log in screen, but the "connection times out" and won't connect at all.
  4. it is open. but doesn't connect still.
  5. I dont understand. I did it all, but i cant connect.
  6. I dont understand. I did it all, but i cant connect.
  7. uTorrent, what would I have to change?
  8. What is RS


    Can I get some assistance on portforwarding, its all I need before my server is up. I've zipped my cache, .rar my client and made downloads available. All I need is to make them connect without "connection timing out" I've tried multiple guides but none have worked.
  9. Did you get rid of the previous animation/gfx?
  10. What is RS


    Does anyone have a run.bat that works for 562 client. This doesn't work for me [quote] @echo off java -cp bin;lib/clientlibs.jar;lib/com.jar; client 0 live english game0 [/quote]
  11. What is RS


    Don't need an ip changer. gtfo this post.
  12. What is RS


    I asked the poster to name one. Read please.
  13. What is RS


    Doesn't help my case. So once again useless. I am asking specific clients'.