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  1. You can get a GED later on. Some of the smartest people I know dropped out of High School.
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    Yes,but i'd rather adopt.
  3. [IMG]http://i624.photobucket.com/albums/tt326/YouSuck236/1259437255843.jpg[/IMG]
  4. [quote name='Dean']So are you black and gay?[/QUOTE] Hispanic and transgendered.
  5. [quote name='Zykev2']Are you stupid or something? I'd kill to go to a school with white people again on the other side of town Rednecks = a lot more fun and chill > Black people. Plus White girls > Black girls but I got a thing for spanish girls so its okay I guess.[/QUOTE] Rednecks= A lot more homophobic and racist- I'm not white.Or straight. Black people= <3
  6. [quote name='Pickaxe']Lolwut?![/QUOTE] I moved from Mount Vernon NY to Upstate New York (FUUUUUUUU) seriously,Gangs>Rednecks.
  7. [quote name='mrpwnagecode']Bopallod ive reported u[/QUOTE] What does this have to do with the thread topic?
  8. My current school is almost entirely white,sadly. My old school was 85% ghetto.... I miss my old school.
  9. [quote name='EvolvedBlitz']Nope, This is 2006 PKing Only Although thank you for your concern :)[/QUOTE] 2006 Pking only? I love you. Where do I sign up? (Re-Reading your original post as we speak)
  10. Quick question,Are dragon claws and Godswords in existence here? I wouldn't think so but I'd just like to make sure.
  11. I like old RuneScape (2001-2006)more. Here is why. Graphics: Inb4OMGURSTUPIDUARENOSTALGIC No,i'm not being nostalgic. I miss the old graphics because they were simple,to the point,and could run on virtually any machine which was one of the major reasons that this game became popular.Right now I still experience some bad framerate slowdown on old computers with even the lowest graphics options. PKing: Back in 2006 when I joined I LOVED pking and I was TERRIBLE at it. The wilderness was a vast place of unknown treasures and almost limitless exploration,where you could encounter a ravenous pker at any corner and you had to constantly be on your toes and pay attention to your environment. The duel arena was a place where both peasants and champions could both gamble and have fairly balanced yet action-packed battles. Castle Wars was an epic battle between zealous followers Saradomin and Zamorak and everyone felt like they had a place in it. Now in the present day: The wilderness is a tiny place where there is virtually NO Deep Wildy Pking. The duel arena is only for the rich and no longer for fun. And Castle Wars? Well the winner's just dictated by the team with the richer Ice Barragers. The new community has ruined PvP combat as they almost only do it for riches and no longer for fun. Everyone uses the same 1-3 item rush tactics with special attacks and nobody wants to risk anything. Bringing back the wilderness was pointless seeing as most people only stick in 1-15 wildy whereas in 2006 and below 1-15 was full,but there would still be PLENTY of people in Deep Wildy. The Community: In 2006 and below,RuneScape had a more friendly and tight-knit community. Sure it had it's bad eggs and trolls,but hell every game does,you're bound to encounter them sooner or later.People used to respect the people that pked them and trained even harder just to one day defeat them.People used to set up their own prices for items and did not have to resort to creating gigantic merchanting clans and scam their members like Chessy did and most of the time made all of their money honestly.People used to help each other and overall,it was a much nicer environment. Nowadays, the game is full of lazy neanderthals that mope around the G.E proclaiming how "1337" they are and bragging about how much money they have. Most people shun others that ask for help even if the other person isn't even begging. Pkers constantly insult each other and perpetually spit on everyone that they have defeated. Even people that are defeated by another person call the other person a "noob" despite the fact they were just killed by them. "GF" has been replaced by "Fuck you" and "Respect" has been replaced by "Noob". Many players now are moneyhogs that only play the game to accumulated massive amounts of gold and items to brag about it later and even set up massive clans to scam all of the members out of money. I can go on and on about the various problems of new runescape ,but i'd rather spare you a larger wall of text. I'm sorry for killing your eyes with my rant.
  12. [quote name='Ishana']Sadly, from what I see. RSPS owners does not care much about quests and concentrate on working on minigames, skills , etc.. Maybe because there is not a decent way to make quests?[/QUOTE] I can kind of understand why many RSPS owner would rather concentrate on other things,but there must be a few that want quests. As for there not being a decent way to make quests I am not sure as I am not a server developer (I am planning to begin to learn Java soon,however.) but I think that it is still possible seeing as i've seen private servers with custom scripts more complicated than alot of the older quests.
  13. [quote name='Friss']We already have a captcha on registration. At least the last time I checked.[/QUOTE] Still do,I just joined and had to fill one out.
  14. Hello,i'm new here and i'm sorry if this is the wrong section. I am just wondering why no RuneScape 2 private servers have the original quests on them. Is it because they aren't scripted? Or maybe they were deleted? I've always wanted to do the old quests that I didn't get to do when they were new,un-updated.