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  1. Bump, come on, i want atleast 15 players a day by christmas!
  2. Update: Forums under construction: using Vbulletin v11 adds: Kicking attack style, new spirit shield graphics v11 coming soon.
  3. Bump again, we need players comon!
  4. Thank you for clarify'ing Link/Blade :D
  5. This server is not a 650, its a 317. And I dont code, I just play :D
  6. 650's dont have much to do, Old School, hmm I got some dragon and a fighter torso, sweet........ 603 is modern I dont see the problem, a server without a future is nothing to me :D
  7. What do you like then? Leached servers? boring 650's? Ancient Old School servers? We strive to be different sorry if you only like the usual :D
  8. I am dedicated to another server, but this one is really nice, you took time to make interfaces and everything flows really nice (no messed up animations for npcs and such) great work!
  9. Latest update: New Hitsplats (630, not the newest until v11 :D) Bank Search, and Klut boss spawns 6 minions near death to increase diffiiculty (is also now melee'able)
  10. -Custom Minigames killersnail 100% Sled 100% Reverent dragons (kill regular drags to color your whip for 10 minutes so you can damage reverent drags in order to get perm color whips) 100% Custom Barrelchest minigame 100% (kill barrelchest for a 100% anchor drop for economy money!) Alot of custom emotes for example our summoning cape emote has been called better than rs! custom source (originaly 2speced) The interfaces were custom made by a guy that goes to colege for graphic design, you tell me if its simple?