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  1. This is the best I could find. [url]http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/Qotsa01/title.png[/url]
  2. add me on skype, raiders.99 If it's PI I'll do it.
  3. ^^ ahhhhh, I'm lovin the siggy :P That was a funny day but yeh
  4. They could be banned from a board that doesn't involve RS trades. The idea behind my suggestion is to stop them by making them not want all that punishment, because maybe some of them don't even like the marketplace, just want some money.
  5. Ah, never mind. Mod remove this/lock it?
  6. The minecraft/vps is only cheap if you want something really small. It's average prices.
  7. They can try as hard as they want, but removing all RSPS'S would be near impossible. And they would go broke.
  8. I do not know much about vBulletin, but you do know that pwnxile's forums are smf?
  9. [quote name='IvanAOrtiz']Shut up, get off my thread. You sir, are ignored.[/QUOTE] You sir, are a douche bag. I'm not helping you when that's how you treat those that try to help you.
  10. Well, I want to learn all types of languages, like php, html, css, java, etc. I feel like I know enough about html to move on, what should I learn next? And how should I learn it?
  11. There are two types of nerds. [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]Part Time Nerds[/COLOR][/U] This is people like me, who have a regular life, play sports, but also play video games such as RuneScape. [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]NERDS[/COLOR][/U] This is people who do not play sports, are open about gaming, usually do not hang out a lot, typically don't get a girlfriend in highschool (not always true), and just love gaming around the clock.
  12. 1. Play my favorite video game for an hour 2. Say Goodbye to all of my friends 3. Go to animal Shelter to play with cats 4. Spend the rest of the day with my family
  13. I would like to join the team. I can do some of the server coding, and some of the web coding.