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  1. Sucked in you fucking Mexican. Chad, I've known you for a while now, you're a top ginger, and a hard working dude. I hardly post here anymore, but I just thought I'd extend a warm congratulations on becoming an Admin on this website. You're a faggot, dye your hair, and wake up to yourself. Sincerely, the greatest Aussie of all time.
  2. Throbbing for food and money? What the fuck are you talking about, you're about to be deported and your countries president is Donald fucking Trump. Worry about your own country before you do mine. And my internet speed is quite adequate for my needs
  3. The only time you shine is in the high jump competition at high school you Mexican. Either that or when you're between two big black begging for more. P.S If that is Cart in that little photo, the only thing he should focus on is paying a better barber to cut his hair. Generic faggot look please, don't skip on the sides. I love you all
  4. Hello everyone, this thread is directed at one, Christopher`, the Mexican residing in the United States. He mentioned to me that he was completely certain that Trump was not going to win the election. Well, Christopher, do you smell that? Do you smell that Christopher? It smells like deportation. It smells good. TL;DR Sucked in America, the WORLD is laughing at you. Thanks, I haven't posted anything in years. So hi!
  5. Twisted

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    My options have not been added to the poll. I am offended. Please leave my safe space.
  6. Twisted

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    - Removal of all Mexicans @Christopher` - Integration of live nudity, preferably by @Cart - Reinstating myself as supreme leader of Runelocus That is all. Carry on.
  7. You're a funny looking mexican. There's no sarcasm here.
  8. This is a fucking funny looking rune-server.
  9. Cheeky bastard. Kyle grew hair, I think?
  10. [quote name='Cart']Oh no he's back.[/QUOTE] I never left.