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  1. well i did port forward wrong but idk i tried again 3 times and still fail.. im obviously doing bad lawl.. im using BELL, if anyone know how to port forward with it would really be appreciate if u can help me out..!
  2. damn still not working :(..im sure im doing soemthing wrong but i cant really say since im not good at making servers, im sure ive done port forward good cuz i did it 3 times to be sure D:.
  3. hi everyone, well its my first time trying to do a rsps,so i really don't know how to fix this. First i've done as tut saying,i got the no-ip,port forward, i got source and client lets say i told to my friend to download client and when he try to get log into game it's saying : Sorry, Loading char profile Try logging in again. Plus i was wondering why each time i log in my server it always go on and not on the no-ip. i made ??... please help me :D' im sure i did something wrong but as i said i just started so i cant find out