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    Torva Effect Help

    [quote name='Niator']Cant you just make it heal x amount of hitpoints when you equip it?[/QUOTE] It's not supposed to heal, it's supposed to increase your total amount of HP.
  2. Pyro GoD


    looks really cool :P Is the point to build bases to defend from aliens?
  3. Could you show me the code for both compilers? Also make sure to tell me which one is which.
  4. [quote name='FinalBlitzKen']Well I mean I have only been using photoshop for around 4 days. I'm slowly improving. Thanks for the feedback though.[/QUOTE] You should try looking at some tutorials on youtube as I see alot of your banners are mainly text effects with a picture. Also search C4D on google and try using them :)
  5. [quote name='Rising King']Sorry but it's not allowed to give out the source. If he were to post a link for the source this thread would probably closed and the link deleted.[/QUOTE] Lol.. it's called PM or skype?
  6. [quote name='Rising King']lol. You're funny 1/10.[/QUOTE] Lol.. idk how you haven't seen me I got 4x your posts lol.
  7. [quote name='Rising King']1/10 I've never seen you in my life.[/QUOTE] No shit you haven't seen me irl. talking bout the forums mate stop stalking women. 0.5/11
  8. [quote name='AntzScape']9/10 I see you all over the place[/QUOTE] Lol.. 1/10 never seen you b4 :P
  9. Not bad, but pretty amateur banners if you ask me ;) Gj tho :)
  10. Wow nice :p If you don't mind could you point me in the right direction of finding the matrix source and client :P been looking for ages.
  11. [quote name='pkingbandit']90% of cache problems are they didnt upload it right, pm me on skype x25xquinton and ill help[/QUOTE] Lol.. 95% of statistics are made up on the spot.
  12. [quote name='meaty1212']if i may ask did you change the .zip url in client.java?[/QUOTE] Yeah lol.. Also make sure you don't zip the folder, zip the actual files of the cache.. eg. when you open the zip, it looks like inside your cache folder, it won't show just your cache folder.. :P Like.. zip the items inside the cache, not the cache itself.. :P also, remember to keep the same name as the original cache, or change it in the client.java
  13. Hmm.. weird. Is this your own upload of the cache or is it the auto downloader that comes with the client?
  14. Could you show me whats in the winzip archive there?.. :P
  15. Pyro GoD

    client help

    [quote name='sexxiisammie']the cache doesnt download right so the cache was like half missing, so i inserted it manually and it works, but now how do i make it download by itself correctly? and thank you for the input it worked.[/QUOTE] You must have uploaded the cache incorrectly :P Make sure you .zip the entire cache and re-upload it :P