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  1. and i have a good client i just made and source that i will send you the base i got :)
  2. Hey man i have alot of experince with 562's ^not good speller though :) But yeah I am willing to help. Team viewer is good tooo btw
  3. Hey Guys, I am trying to run my client on my new cache :) And usually because i just use default cache I dont quite know where to put it. It says in location "user.home" If that is any help? And the name both correspond with each other. Thanks, L E G A C Y Legacy09
  4. it was jre thing thank you very much. I just thought i was a coinsedents that i downloaded jre 7 and then it fucked up :/
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4208[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]4209[/ATTACH] This is my problem I blurred out the server name becuase it is my upcoming server that was fine a few days ago then now this comes up? Any clue what this is?
  6. LEGACY09

    Cache's please read

    Oh sorry didn't see where it was posted :/ Umm I don't know tooo much about 317 sorry :(
  7. LEGACY09

    Cache's please read

    What type of server are you running 562+ or lower?
  8. um not sure :/ ill check :) and do you have a server running atm?
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem I am having? I have changed the Ip in the client.java file to and will soon change it to my client ip buuuuut this comes up in the command box error_game_js5connect. If anyone could help me i have team viewer if that makes it any easier :D thanks Thanks, L E G A C Y Legacy09
  10. Hey Guys, I am looking for a decent server and a reliable client, I am hoping to revive my Final Legacy [562] client. It had 100+ players but then crashers got to it -.- So if someone could give me some links to good source or clients that would be great preferably 562 but I am good at coding any. 562 is my speciality though. Thanks, L E G A C Y Legacy09 P.S Sorry for repeat I will delete other one shortly.
  11. LEGACY09

    Need Co-Owner

    Hey guys, I am looking for a decent source and client, I cannot seem to find any, where ever I look. So if anyone could redirect me too one that would be brilliant. And second of all I was looking for a co-owner as title says. My old server had 100+ players but then hackers got into it then yeh, you know what happens. But please post good 562 sources I am a experienced coder, I can make my own ip-ban and all those things, so they are not nessisery I just need reliable client, and alright source, I can work off anything good. Cheers. L E G A C Y Legacy09 :D
  12. Yeh Awesome Source man. There is not many decent clients around lately, i need to find one to run my server on :/
  13. LEGACY09

    Making 562 Public.

    Was just wondering guys if someone could give me a hand. I have changed the server ip from to my serverip.no-ip.biz. started up noip and u torrent then ran the server oh and have done portforwarding on my ip. Is there anything i have missed because my friend cant play it????? If there is or someone has a complete tut that would be good. Thanks guys.