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  1. [quote name='King_alex']Server just keeps getting better :D[/QUOTE] ;) thanks :D
  2. can u try if u can please add owner_dak on skype
  3. 334: $count = mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM skillsoverall"),0) or die(mysql_error()); i have everything right i think u got skype?
  4. anyone know
  5. im getting these errors when i compile and so it doesn't update anything [ATTACH=CONFIG]6183[/ATTACH] if you cant read [url]http://i48.tinypic.com/hrm1wh.png[/url] Skype: Owner_dak
  6. im getting this error when i try to have highscores Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/corru526/public_html/hs/functions.php on line 334
  7. WebClient Now Works
  8. dak99v

    711 client error

    both ports in client and source are 43594.... :/
  9. dak99v

    webcient help

    i tired all those things doesn't work ......................
  10. dak99v

    711 client error

    im using the newest matrix client and im getting this error can anyone help? [ATTACH=CONFIG]6166[/ATTACH] that and it stays at checking for updates 0%
  11. dak99v

    webcient help

    and ive tired same error