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  1. No you can not connect with a no-ip on the same gateway as the no-ip
  2. You've removed something from an instance of a login pack loader, basically you either have to delete the character files again or redo what you removed and remove it properly
  3. if any one can help me fix the server so its runnable, ill give them 10m rsgp. Pm for more details.
  4. [quote name='supica'][IMG]http://i47.servimg.com/u/f47/17/67/99/18/skjerm11.png[/IMG] I cant run the server!!!! Make sure you have a cahce in the data Folder. i marked some text whit yellow ther it says: systemet finner ikke angitt bane (its norwegian) system can not find the path specified (transelated to english) please help me[/QUOTE] [quote name='supica']now i run it but cant make my self owner? idk how[/QUOTE] Source/Data/rights.ini
  5. [quote name='blimp']where do i put cache[/QUOTE] You put the cache into the data folder in the source. [quote name='razzxwmx']Can someone please write up a small explanation on how to set this up? I'm slightly confused, normally I could set it up myself, though now I've come to a dead end.[/QUOTE] Pm me your skype name and i'll help you.