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  1. Rog3r

    Got a Tattoo

    (9 years later and 35 more... wow times have changed!)
  2. Rog3r


    Bring back the forum community! Lol. I'm still very much surprised how well the toplist survived. Genuinely happy about it!
  3. Rog3r

    Holy Crap.

    277? Those are rookie numbers 🤪
  4. Still checking in ! Hey guys . Long time
  5. It's been 10 years and so much has changed. I never went into programming but somewhat regret it! Happy that you have a kid now. I remember the old days .
  6. Rog3r

    My Tutorials

    Why not! It's cool
  7. and I think most of us are growing up and living our lives. It's a new generation now a days!
  8. It sure was a blast! I felt like it was a zoo - so many communities and active members on every site.
  9. I remember that server!