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  1. End of an era! Hope all is still good buddy
  2. Best of luck! Take your time and play smart
  3. This website offers everything you need to know and have to create a private server. Several tutorials done by other members can be applied to your current version of the game. You can also develop the skills easily by reading tutorials or just by trial and error.. we all started somewhere and it doesn't take long until you start getting the hang of things. I remember doing it when I was 15! Your best bet is to start off deciding which generation you want to recreate. Do you like 08 style Runescape? 05? 2015? Once you've decided, you can go find game versions in the download section. From there you can select already premade games (all unique with different features etc) or you can try for a basic version that you have to create yourself.
  4. They may have an original copy and try and continue selling it to other people.. or keep it. You may never know what they plan on doing with the files.
  5. Liquor and booze

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    (9 years later and 35 more... wow times have changed!)