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  1. Hello and welcome to project indigo this is a server that thrives to satisfy players from all over the world. [URL="www.google.com/"].[/URL] [SPOILER='Media'] [url]http://prntscr.com/9ovvw[/url] [url]http://prntscr.com/9ovww[/url] [url]http://prntscr.com/9ovxq[/url] [url]http://prntscr.com/9ovyb[/url] [url]http://prntscr.com/9ovys[/url] [/SPOILER] I was told to help advertise this for admin rights so here it is:L... Taking on staff add me on skype ihybridyou or talk ingame.
  2. Hello RL members i have added the donator sprite to matrix cache but what i am wondering is how do i make it add to the donator player when they speak (what file)?<3
  3. mobbygfx

    how to get matrix

    It says that link doesn't work? :/<3
  4. mobbygfx

    how to get matrix

    hello Runelocus i was wondering how you get the matrix source i havent been on rl in a long time? so i dont know haha<3
  5. Project Indigo still going???

  6. mobbygfx

    562 crowns

    Well hellman thanks for this and im not that dumb -__- i know how to use if statements with or(||) in them :L so anyways thank you for this sir. much appreciated.
  7. mobbygfx

    562 crowns

    Hello RL member i was wondering how you add crowns to diffrent player rights say rights 1 = playerMod rights 2 = jagex mod rights 3 = developer? and so on, basically i want them to show gold crowns!<3
  8. mobbygfx

    Converting Ziotic

    steve could you help me i get my internet back on the 25th of this month all i want is for you to just explain the best way you can :)
  9. i would like to help develop this if you need any devs im not what you call amazing but i know some java :)
  10. mobbygfx

    Converting Ziotic

    EDIT: Title supposed to say converting dementhium* hello rl members i was just wondering if i was going to try convert dementhium to 666 could i use the ziotic client and ziotic packets to be able to convert dementhium? :)<3 im new so it might be a dumb/idiotic question <3
  11. mobbygfx

    562 Client cache

    Hello fellow RL members i need help with the 562 dragonkk client so basically i have the cache im using 'fathien 668' and i want to know how i can use it without the client 'downloading cache' the reason is im using a dongle and it will eat the data like a macdonalds any help plox? :)
  12. I think i just jizzed a little :/ do you still need mysql? coz thats where i fail :(<3
  13. mobbygfx


    if your using 562 go into itempackethandler.java and search for duel arena ring id then under that add the id of the ring like this [CODE]case ####: player.tele("coords,coords, 0"); break; [/CODE]
  14. hello guys, i know you have seen many help threads from me Im sorry about that but whats the help section for and a great community ;) On topic: i was wondering to have vote4cash and auto-donate do you have to have a premium web host? :) Thanks in advance Best Regards, MobbyGFX
  15. mobbygfx

    Aoura tab

    i think i may just stick to the basics for now its a bit advanced for me. @beuner idgaf if it aura and thank you for trying to help. :)