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  1. Hey are you still interested in my pure for 10m? sorry we lost contact

  2. I can accept that, tell me when your on.

  3. I'll give ya 10M For it,

  4. Give me a link to what it looks like.

  5. did you still want to buy my RS account, you offered 15M for the pure.

  6. Why do you want me to add you?

  7. a server just off of varrock bank?
  8. If you're interested in buying more rsgp add [email protected]

  9. JustinTG

    SonicVM help

    Thanks to Dj I figured it out, he was nice, unlike mtscool who wants post count pretty bad.
  10. JustinTG

    SonicVM help

    I see none of that, can you perhaps help on TV? :(
  11. JustinTG

    SonicVM help

    [quote name='DJBladeRoxx'][IMG]http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/5576/87387daef7774377916aae9.png[/IMG] That is what it looks like. I hope i helped[/QUOTE] Yes but where is it located? :(
  12. JustinTG

    SonicVM help

    Well since i've waited a day for help and even asked a refund since they do nothing to help me it seems, I will ask you guys! I am new to VPS so don't laugh, and I pre-thank everyone who attempts to help. Question 1) How do you access the remote desktop, me and a friend looked everywhere and saw nothing :(
  13. I tried it, it never let me pass tutorial, always said please wait.